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Introduction – What is Essence Running?

Essence running is a way to quickly level up the Runecrafting skill. The crafter, usually a high leveled character, takes a large amount of noted rune essence. He/she waits at the one of the Runecrafting altars, usually air or law, while other characters, the essence runners, take un-noted rune essence to the crafter. The crafter then gives the runner money or runes and noted rune essence in exchange for un-noted rune essence. The more runners participating, the quicker the experience builds up. Both the runner and the crafter benefit from this. The runner gets runes or money for their trouble without having to use up any rune essence, and the crafter gets experience at a faster rate that normal. Pretty neat, huh?

General Overview of the Process

If you have no idea what was said in the Intro, then read this section will, hopefully, clarify the process of Essence Running. Basically:

A Runner takes un-noted rune essence to the Crafter. The Runner trades with the Crafter.
• Crafter Gives: Noted Rune Essence (same amount as Runner Gives) and Runes or Money
• Runner Gives: Un-noted Rune Essence
The Runner takes the noted rune essence back to a bank and un-notes it. The Runner then comes back with the un-noted rune essence. While the Runner is gone, the Crafter crafts the un-noted rune essence into runes.

Pretty simple, no?

This Guide will cover the two popular types of Essence Running - "Law Running" and "Air Running".

Law Running

Law rune
Law Running, as can be guessed from the name, involves Law runes. The start point is from Draynor Village and it ends up on Entrana, at the Law Altar. Law Running takes place on world 66.

Draynor/Port Sarim Map

From the Draynor Village Bank, walk through the market and north to the part where the wall has an opening (where the road is). Go through and head south to the Port Sarim docks. The monks are on the docks, just south of where the Pirate's Treasure quest starts.

Entrana Map

Walk east of where the Entrana docks are; there is an opening onto a small path. Walk through there and follow the path north until you get to the altar.

Another, simpler, way of finding your way there is just to follow the big train of people going to and from Entrana. This is also an effective method for finding the location of holiday events. ;)

For Crafters

If you're going to craft Law Runes, you will need 54 Rune Crafting to do so. You will also have to have done the Troll Stronghold quest. Here's a list of items you need to bring for crafting.
  • Noted Pure Essence (Don't forget it!)
    Bring at least 1k of this; don't forget to note it. It would be really helpful to take a multiple of 27, such as 2,700 of them. Remember - multiples of 27 are 27, 54, 81, 108, 135, 162, 189, 216, 243, and 270.
  • Full Set of Zamorak Robes (equipped)
    This is pretty easy to obtain. Don't wear these if you aren't crafting.
  • Law Tiara (equipped)
    Tiara, not talisman! If you don't know how to make a tiara, stop reading this guide and stop living in a hole already!
  • 27 Law Runes or 27 Un-noted Pure Essence
    27 Law Runes is for your first trade with a runner. If you bring un-noted essence, craft that into Law Runes before you start trading.
Trade with the people outside or inside the altar. When you're outside, shout something like "(name here) open" or something of the sort. Open = Open for Runners to trade.

For Runners

Running the essence takes less work than crafting. Just follow the map back and forth, and trade with the people who shout something like "(name) open". Here's what to bring if you're running.
  • 27 Un-noted Pure Essence
    PURE Essence, not normal!
  • Charged Amulet of Glory (equipped and optional)
    This shortens the time by a little bit since it can teleport you to Draynor Village. If you want to recharge it to use it more than 4 times, get around 10 of them. If you have to recharge it enough times during your runs, it may actually take longer to use it than just to walk.
  • "Fun" Clothes and Items (optional)
    By this I mean stuff like flowers. An interesting thing to wear is the ghostly robes from the Desert Treasure quest. Remember that you can only wear certain items.

The Trade

The trade between the crafter and the runner is a pretty simple one.

• Crafter Offers: 27 Noted Pure Essence and 27 Law Runes
• Runner Offers: 27 Un-noted Pure Essence

Air Running

Air rune
The other popular form of Essence Running is Air running, which takes place in world 16. Again, the runes involved can be guessed from the name - Air runes. Air running is a little bit different from Law Running. Law Running returns Law Runes to the runner, whereas Air Running returns money, usually 1,500-2,000 gp (gold pieces). Hopefully everyone knows where the Air Altar is, but here's a map anyways.

From the Varrock West Bank, follow the path south. The Altar is south-west of Varrock and just before Barbarian Village, so don't travel too far.

For Crafters

No, you don't need 1 Runecrafting to do this. You will need at least 44 Rune Crafting to craft 5 Air Runes per Rune Essence or else it won't be worth it. This is the stuff that you want to bring for crafting.
  • Noted Rune Essence
    Bring at least 1k of this. You will want to bring a multiple of 25 so bringing 2.5k or 5k would be a good idea.
  • Money
    2k per trade is a reasonable price. If you're going to take 2.5k essence, bring 200k gp. If you're going to bring 5k essence, you will want 400k gp. The good news about this is that you will keep the air runes that you craft. If you want to lower the "high cost" of air running, just sell the air runes that you keep for 15-20 gp each
  • 25 Un-noted Rune Essence or 25 Air Runes
    This is for your first trade. Craft the Essence if you bring that before you start trading.
Same as law running - sit inside the altar area and shout something like "(name) open 2k". The 2k signifies that you're offering 2k gp per trade.

For Runners

This is an excellent way to make money as a low level. All you need to do this is an Air Talisman (tiara recommended) and 25 Rune Essence. Trade with the people who say they are "open". You can tell how much money they're offering per trade by what they say. If they say something like "open 1k", then they're offering 1k per trade.

The Trade

• Crafter Offers: 25 Noted Rune Essence and Money (usually 1.5-2k gp)
• Runner Offers: 25 Un-noted Rune Essence


Q: I'm trying to trade with the Crafters, but it's taking so long to get one of them to trade with me!
A: Well, have you ever tried crafting? Whenever you make the slightest hint that you're open, you get flooded with trades.

Q: It costs so much to craft Air Runes, why do it?
A: No it doesn't. As long as you can craft around 5 runes per essence and sell the runes you make, it comes out to be not that much gold spent.
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