Clock Tower Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 500gp
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Speak to Brother Kojo in the Clocktower, southwest of Ardougne zoo.

Needed skills:


Needed quests:


Needed items:


1. Begin by speaking to Kojo in the Clocktower and agree to help him. Now climb down the ladder and follow the path until you see a square with four different colours. Each square points towards the direction you have to take to find the cog of that colour (except the blue cog).

2. The White Cog:Head northwest and pick up the rat poison. Now head east until you reach a rat cage and flip both the levers to open the door to the cage. Use the rat poison on the trough to kill the rats. Go through the now open gate and pick up the white cog. Return to the clocktower and place the white cog on the pole on the top floor of the tower.

3. The Blue Cog:Head east from the clocktower until you reach the well with the monk. Pick up the bucket and fill it with water, it will be needed later. Then go down the ladder by the Ardougne Zoo wall. Follow the path until you reach an odd looking wall. Push it and then pick up the blue cog. Return to the Clocktower and place it on the pole on the first floor.

4. The Red Cog:Return to the coloured square and take the southeast path. At the end of the path you will find some Ogres. Run past them and pick the red cog and return to the clocktower. Place the red cog on pole on the ground floor of the tower.

5. The Black Cog: Return to the coloured square again and this time take the northeast path, run past the Giant spiders and use the bucket of water with the cog. Once it has cooled down pick it up. If you have ice gloves simply pick the cog up. Go back to the Clocktower and place the cog on the pole in the basement.

6. Speak to Brother Kojo to complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Clock Tower

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