Heroes' Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Members only: Yes



Speak with Achetties, outside the Heroes' guild.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • If you are in Black arm gang you will also need a full set of black armour and a friend in Phoenix gang.
  • If you are in Phoenix gang you will need a bow, arrows and a friend in the Black arm gang.

Recommended items


After you have spoken to Achetties, you will need to bring him 3 items. A feather from a fire bird, a lava eel and the master thief arm band. It doesn't matter which order you get these in.

Cooked Lava eel
1. The lava eel is the easiest one to get. Head to Port Sarim and talk to Gerrant in the Fishing shop [map], and ask him how to catch Lava eels. He gives you a bottle of Blamish Snail Oil.

2. Go to the bank in Falador, and withdraw a fishing rod, fishing bait, some armour, some food, the Harralander and Vial of Water. Make sure you bring your Anti dragon shield. Use the Harralander and Vial of Water together, and then use the Blamish Snail Oil on it. Then, use (don't drink!) the blamish oil on your fishing rod (NOT fly fishing rod!) to get an oily fishing rod.

3. Then, head over to the Taverley Dungeon [map]. When you've entered the dungeon, follow the path to the north, then east. Follow the path to the south, past the magic axes.

If you already have a dusty key, then skip the following step:
4. Go right to the south end. Once you get there kill the Jail guard and use the key he drops on the cell. Speak to the explorer and he will give you a dusty key. Go north again until you see some chaos dwarves.

5. When you have reached the Chaos dwarves, cross the bridge and follow the path they are on and you should see some lesser demons.

6. Use your dusty key on the gate, run past the dragons, and follow the path to the south. until you come to some fishing spots.

7. Once there, fish for a while and get some lava eel. Once you have got some, go back out of the dungeon and cook the eel. 1 out of 3 done items completed.

Master Thief arm Band
This is the part where you need your partner. Follow whichever option applies to you.

Black Arm Band Member
Go and talk to Katrina who is outside the Hideout, in Varrock. After you have talked for a while, she will give you a password which is "four leaf clover". Go to the bank and get your full set of black armour out.

Head over to Brimhaven and enter the house which is east of the pirate's bar. Once inside, speak with either Trobert or Gruber. After you talked to them, you will get some ID papers. Put on your full set of black and head over to the mansion. Do not enter without wearing the full set of armour.

Once in, talk with Grip. He will give you a Key. Give it to your Phoenix partner and then wait for your partner to get ready. Once he is ready, head back over to the mansion and open the cupboard in the northern room. Grip will come in the room. Now get your Partner to shoot him. He will die and drop a Key. Use the Key on the treasure room and you will get two candle sticks. Give one to your friend and return to your leaders to get your armband.

Phoenix Gang member
Go to your hideout in Varrock and speak with Straven. He will give you a password which is "Gherkin". Go to the bank and withdraw your bow, around 100 arrows and some coins (500 will be enough). Now go to Brimhaven and meet your Black arm gang friend.

Your friend will trade you a key. Go into the bar and talk with Alfonse the Waiter and make sure you give him your password. Then speak with Charlie and he will tell you about a secret window. Its next too the stove. Go to the wall and you will see Grip. Shoot him and kill him. Your friend should now pick the key up and go and collect the candle sticks. He will give one too you. Take it back to you leader and he will give you the arm band. 2 down 1 to go.

Fire Feather
Go to the bank and get ready to kill a level 111 ice queen. Also bring a pickaxe. Go to white wolf mountain and find some rocks which can be mined. Mine this and go down the southern ladder.

Head to the south-west, and climb up the ladder there. There are some other ladders there. Climb down the eastern one. Follow the tunnel past the ice spiders and ice giants, until you come to the end where there is a ladder. Climb it, and climb down the only other ladder there.

Head north to find a big room. This room is very dangerous. It is a Multi Combat zone and if you don't keep an eye on your health you will die. Head to the back of the room and you will see the ice queen. Since this is a multi combat zone, you will be attacked by several monsters at once. If you go behind the throne, you will be able to fight the queen without being attacked by the other ice warriors. Kill her using whichever method possible. When she is dead, pick up her ice gloves and teleport out.

Go to Entrana and head over to the law altar, Look around and you will see the Entrana fire bird (level 2). Put your Ice gloves on and kill it. Pick the feather up. That's all 3 items completed! Take them all back to Achetties and… Quest Completed!

Quest completion scroll of Heroes' Quest

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