Cold War Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 5,000 Agility XP
  • 2,000 Crafting XP
  • 1,500 Construction XP
  • Ability to make clockwork penguins
  • Access to a new Agility course
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Talk to Larry located in the Ardougne Zoo (South-Western part)

Needed skills:

  • Level 10 Hunter
  • Level 30 Agility
  • Level 30 Crafting
  • Level 34 Construction (with a workshop with a crafting table 3)
  • Higher Agility helps reduce a small amount of time, but is not needed.
  • High enough Combat level to be able to defeat a level 51 monster with or without weapon, armor and food.

Needed quests:

None, but it is recommended to do Garden of Tranquillity up to the point where the Wise Old Man activates your Ring of Charos.

Needed items:

Recommended items:


  • Having a house in Rellekka helps reduce a small amount of time.
  • Pen and paper OR any other means of making a note might be helpful.


1. Withdraw hammer, spade, 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, clockwork or steel bar, normal plank, silk, swamp tar, feather and raw cod or Ring of Charos from the bank and store any weapons, shield/defenders/books and capes that are equipped to your character.

2. To start the quest, go to the Ardougne Zoo and talk to Larry and agree to help him. Talk to him again to be teleported to the Iceberg.

3. Use your oak planks with the Firm snow patch and then use your spade with the bird hide.

4. Enter the snowy bird hide and watch the cutscene. Memorise or take note of the 3 emotes the penguins perform. Speak to larry again and agree with him.

5. Take the boat back to Rellekka and speak to Larry.

6. Teleport or walk to your Player owned house and use the steel bar (if you have brought it instead of a clockwork) on your crafting table and then use the Clockwork on the crafting table with your and plank and choose the option 'Clockwork toys' then 'Clockwork penguin'. (Note: Your crafting table must be level 3 or higher)

7. Teleport to Ardougne then walk to the Zoo or just walk there. Talk to Larry to be teleported to the Iceberg again.

8. Talk to Larry twice to teleport back to Ardougne Zoo as you have neither a Bird hide or a penguin near you at the present.

9. Talk to Larry to get inside the clockwork penguin and then talk to the only penguin that can be talked to. Perform the 3 emotes that you made note of earlier, then talk to him. Talk to Larry afterwards.

10. Hometown teleport or teleport to Lumbridge then walk to the sheep farm just North of the castle. Once there, right click on Larry and choose the 'Tuxedo-time' option.

11. Talk to the penguins disguised as a sheep and perform the 3 emotes. Choose the 'Tuxedo-time' option with Larry and talk to him in order to be teleported to the Ardougne Zoo.

12. Equip your Ring of Charos(a) if you haven't already, change into a penguin and then talk to the penguin inside the cage. If you brought a raw cod instead, change back to human, talk to Larry, change into a penguin again then talk to the penguin.

13. Hometown teleport or teleport to Lumbridge. Walk to the sheep farm again, change into a penguin then talk to the disguised penguins.

14. Talk to Fred located in the house just west of the sheep farm, then go back and talk to the 'Sheep'.

15. Talk to Larry to be teleported back to the Iceberg. Talk to the KGP agent in the North-Westerly location of the Iceberg and perform the 3 emotes. Talk to Noodle (That's the name of the penguin) to exchange your swamp tar and feather for an ID card and a report.

16. Talk to the KGP agent again and use the avalanche to get into the penguin outpost. Enter the first Western room and then talk to the KGP agent. Continue West from the room. Follow the path in the next room to reach the agility course.

17. Go down the steps past the start line and swim through the moving rocks until you reach the stepping stones. Jump on the stepping stone, and keep on jumping to the next one until you reach a platform. To get past the arch, Tred-softly on the icicles under the arch. Trying to run past will get you nowhere.

18. Climb the cliff, then slide down. Talk to the Agility instructor before you leave.

19. Go and talk to Larry again. Enter the outpost once more and try to go past the large doors in the end of the hallway.

20. Enter the room to the East and talk to Ping and Pong.

21. Head out to the Iceberg and talk to Larry. Use your soft leather on a mahogany plank to make bongos. Hometown teleport or teleport to Lumbridge, then steal a cowbell from the milk cows North-East of the castle, across the bridge.

22. Pick up your weapon, armor and food if needed then return to the Iceberg. Give the instruments to the bards, then operate the controls near the large door you tried to get through.

23. Once you're past the door, head to the room in the east. You will be thrown into a cage with level 51 Ice lords. Kill one of them, then escape through the Western door of the cage. Get out of the outpost through the chasm in the Eastern wall of the room.

24. Talk to Larry. You will now finish the quest after a short cutscene.

Quest completion scroll of Cold War

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