Garden of Tranquillity Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 5000 Farming XP
  • 1 Apple tree seed and 1 Acorn Seed
  • 5 Guam seeds
  • 1 Super Compost Potion (4)


Queen Ellamaria in the Varrock palace garden

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Spade
  • Seed Dibber
  • Watering can
  • Garden trowel
  • 5 compost or super compost
  • Secateurs
  • Ring of Charos
  • Rake
  • 2 plant cure
  • 1 Rune essence
  • 1 hammer/chisel
  • Plant pot
  • Marigold seed
  • 3 onion seeds
  • 3 cabbage seeds
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Fishing rod or fly fishing rod

Recommended items

  • Varrock & Falador teleport runes
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Ectophial
  • (Super) Energy potions


Speak to Queen Ellamaria in Varrock Garden, she will tell you that she wants a gardener to plant flowers and trees in her garden. Rudely she will ask you to do it for her, agree to her offer and she will give you a list of what she needs.

She will also tell you to speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village. Get your Ring of Charos and speak to the Wise Old Man, he will first explain some history then he will ask you some questions, answer as followed:

1) Two goblins are fighting over the colour of their armour. What do you do?
Answer: Show them a range of colours so they can come to a compromise

2) A drunken dwarf offers you a kebab. What do you do?
Answer: Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it

3)Are you enjoying your experience of Farming?
Answer: It is absolutely, unquestionably the most intresting thing I have ever done.

4) A dwarf asks you to put on a silly golden helmet so that you can be fired from a cannon into a wall. What do you do?
Answer: Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon

5) You meet Pkmaster0036 in the wilderness who asks who is the greatest player killer in the world. How do you answer.
Answer: You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!

6) Queen Ellamaria orders you to go on a foolish quest without any offer of reward. What do you say?
Answer: I will do whatever you ask - I just love the monarchy!

7) A draynor bank guard asks you if you have seen any suspicious characters lately, because the bank has been robbed. What do you say?
Answer: If I do I'll let you know

After answering all the above questions correctly the Wise Old Man will hand you your ring back activated, (Ring Of Charos(a))

The following part can take a while, the easiest way to do it is to speak to another character whilst one set of crops are growing


Get out your farming equipment and one marigold seed, equip your Ring of Charos(a) and head to Falador south-east farming patch. Speak to Elstan and ask if he has any Delphiniumn seeds to spare, now use all options marked with (Charm) until he agrees to swap them for some marigolds.

Grow the marigolds and give them to him in exchange for the Delphiniumn seeds.

Pink and Yellow Orchids

Once again get your farming equipment out and three onion seeds, equip your Ring of Charos(a) then head off to Port Phasmatys farming patch (Use Ectophial if you have it to teleport). Speak to Lyra and ask her about the Pink and Yellow Orchid seeds, listen to what she has to say using the (Charm) options, and she will ask you to grow a patch of onions for her.

Grow the onions, and once the patch has fully grown speak to Lyra again for the orchid seeds.
Note: Do not harvest the onions.


Again get your farming equipment, three cabbage seeds, and your Ring of Charos(a), then head to the farming patch north-east of Ardounge. Speak to Kragen, listen to what he has to say again using the (Charm) option, he will ask you to grow a patch of cabbages for him.

Grow the cabbages, once the patch has fully grown speak to Kragen again to claim your Snowdrop seeds.

Note: Do not harvest the onions.

Burthorpe Vines
Now go to the bank and get out two plant cures, one rune essence, a hammer/chisel and a pestle and mortar. Now go to Burthorpe and speak to Bernald east of the bar, he will tell you that the grapevines are diseased, offer to help him in exchange for the vines, again using the (Charm) options.

Try to use your regular plant cure and you will find it has no effect, speak to Bernald again and he will tell you of somebody who may have a stronger plant cure. Go south of Taverley and speak with Alian the gardener near the tree farming patch, ask about a strong plant cure.

Note: Do NOT use the charm options as it has no effect on the druid!

He will tell you to grind rune essence and use it on a regular plant cure. Break up the rune stone first with your hammer/chisel then grind it with your pestle and mortar, use it with the plant cure.

Now go back and cure the vines, Bernald will now give you some Burthorpe vine seeds.

The White, Pink, and Red Rosebushes
Get your farming equipment out again, and equip your Ring of Charos(a), go to Edgeville Monastry and speak with Brother Althric use the (Charm) option on him and he will shout at you and tell you to throw the ring down the well.

Go to Edgeville and use the Ring of Charos(a) with the well, return to Brother Althric, he will tell you how to get the ring back but is very glad you have got rid of it. Go to the roses and pick one of each seed.

Now go back to the well and use your fishing/fly fishing rod to reobtain your Ring of Charos(a)

The White Tree

Get out your farming equipment again, equip the Ring of Charos(a) and teleport to Camelot, head south-east to Catherby farming patches and speak to Dantaera. Once again use the (Charm) options and she will tell you of the last living white tree that's on Ice Mountain, the tree is dieing and you will need to cut a shoot from it. Teleport to Falador and walk north to the Ice Mountain, you will see the white tree at the top near the Oracle.

Use your secateurs to cut a sapling from the tree and use it with your plantpot then water it.

Back to Varrock
Go back to the palace garden and plant all the seeds in the right spots. Make sure you use compost in the stone pots, but the other patches do not need any compost or water. When finished, speak to the Queen and ask how to move the statues, she will give you a trolly to push the statues on.

The Saradomin Statue From Falador
Go to Falador and use the trolly on the statue in the middle, after a cutscene of two guards push the trolly north, upon exiting Falador you will be teleported to Varrock push the statue into the garden and place it on the correct plinth by using the "Place Trolly" option.

The Statue Of A King From Lumbridge
Go to Lumbridge and go to the front of Lumbridge Castle, and push the statue to the left of the king, push it across the bridge and like before you will be teleported to Varrock, push the statue into place and speak to Queen Ellamaria, once all the plants in the garden have finished growing speak to Queen Ellamaria again, and she will ask you to retreieve King Roald into the garden, speak to him and use the (Charm) option.

A small cutscene will follow where you will show King Roald around the garden, then Queen Ellamaria and King Roald will fall out. [Image] 

Quest completion scroll of Garden of Tranquillity


The more effective way to use the super compost potion is to use it on a full bin of regular compost.

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Special thanks: Call Me Larry
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