Elemental Workshop II Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 7500 Smithing XP
  • 7500 Crafting XP
  • Ability to make and equip elemental mind equipment


Reading the battered book found in the Exam Centre

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

Recommended items:


Starting Off

1. To start off, Search the bookcases in the Exam Centre south of the digsite [map]. Read it and you will find a slip of paper. Read that, too.

2. Teleport/walk to Camelot, then go down to the elemental workshop west of Seers Bank (If you haven't got the elemental bars, smelt it using the furnace there).

3. Go to the northern chamber in the workshop, and Search the machinery. You will find a key. Use it with the hatch in the centre of the workshop.

4. Search around the room until you find a small cog, a medium-sized cog, a large cog and a pipe. You will also need to collect a lever schematic and a crane schematic from the schematic crate.

Fixing the Crane
A1. With your crane schematic, go upstairs and smith an elemental claw on the workbench.

A2. Pull the lever west of the crane, so it comes down, then use the claw on it.

Fixing the Press
B1. Walk up stairs West of the crane. There's a junction box in North-West of you. Open it and you will see 6 pipes to attatch to each other. The correct solution is shown below.

Fixing the Tank
C1. Now, head north until you see a pipe. Use your pipe on it.

Fixing the Wind Tunnel
D1. The wind tunnel is located East on the bottom floor. Use the cogs with the pins so that it looks like the picture below.

Making an Elemental Helmet
5. Pull the lever west of the crane to bring it up, then place an elemental bar on the cart, then bring the crane down, then back up again. Pull the lever on the east now, and the crane will rotate. Pull the western lever, pull it again after the bar is heated, then pull the eastern lever, then pull the western lever twice.

6. Pull the lever at the centre of the room, then wait for the cart to stop. Pull the lever near the press.

7. Again, Pull the lever at the centre of the room. When the cart stops, pull the lever north of the room, Then turn the corkscrew lever twice, then pull the lever again, open both valves, then close both of them. Now the bar should be blue. Pull the lever, turn the corkscrew lever twice, and pull the lever again.

8. Pull the lever to bring the cart the the Wind tunnel, and pull the lever next to it to turn it on, then pull it again after the bar turns white.

9. Pull the lever for moving the cart again, then take the bar.

10. Go down the stairs North-West of the room, go through the mind door, and use your ore with the extractor gun, then have a nice seat after all your work. Your bar will now be powered.

11. Go to the top floor where the workbench is. Smith your powered bar, and you will get a mind helmet, which will complete the quest. Give yourself a pat in the back.

Quest completion scroll of Elemental Workshop II

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