Icthlarin's Little Helper Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



Speak with the Wanderer, just North of Sophanem.

Needed skills:

Be able to defeat a level 91 boss.

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Pet cat (can be overgrown or kitten)
  • 1 bag of salt (bought from any slayer master or at the grand exchange)
  • 1 knife
  • 1 willow log
  • 30 gp (to buy linen)
  • 2 buckets
  • 1 tinderbox
  • Bucket of sap (obtained by using a knife on any coniferous tree while having a bucket in your inventory)

Recommended items

  • Plenty of food
  • A couple antipoison
  • Sufficient waterskins (3 or 4) and desert clothes, which are bought at Shantays Pass, are also a good idea


1. Start the quest by talking to the Wanderer. She freaks out and tells you to put your cat away. Ask her why. She will then offer to show you a secret if you put the cat away. Put the cat away, and give her a tinderbox and full waterskin. Next thing you know, you'r in the town!

2. Directly south of where you stand, you will notice an entrance with a large cat inscribed on it:

Touch the entrance and you will be teleported inside a pyramid. You are dazed, and a swirling grey cloud will surround your screen.

3. You now need to get to the center of the pyramid. This is not an easy task. To get by the walltraps, simply move in a diagonal, zigzag fashion. If the wall traps hit you, you will lose 80 life points.

4. After the wall traps, there will be hidden trap doors on the floor. If you trigger a trap, you will end up at the beginning of the pyramid and have to start over again. Start at the very end of the wall traps, as described in this image:

You will have to take the following path so you don't trigger the invisible traps:

4 steps east, 1 south, 3 east, 1 north, 3 east, 1 south, 3 east

5. After you get past the trap doors, select the “run” option and speed past the level 84 mummies and level 98 scarabs. You will need to evade a couple more wall crushers ahead, using the same method as before. When you get to the large pit, jump across it by clicking on it. NOTE: You will need at least 20% energy to jump the pit, or you will fall in and have to re-do part of the maze.

6. Take the western path and click on the door into the Western Burial Chamber. You will have to solve a puzzle to open the door. You will have to flip all the panels so that they show the image on your right. The tricky part is that when you flip one panel, the eight panels adjacent to it will also flip. Once you solve the puzzle you will end up outside the pyramid with a "Canopic jar" in your inventory.

7. Speak to the sphinx there (he should be near the pyramid door). Ask the sphinx for help and let it converse with your cat. You will get a riddle about a family and sons. The correct answer is 9. After answering this riddle correctly, you will be able to use the token he gives you to speak with the high priest.

8. Go to the temple in the southwest corner of town. The high priest will tell you that you should return the jar to the pyramid.

9. Get back into the pyramid with some help from your cat (simply choose the "Open Door" option). Go back to the room where you solved the puzzle, avoiding the traps and zigzagging past the wall crushers just like earlier. When you jump across the pit and enter the burial chamber, you will get another flashback and be hypnotised again.

10. Click on all the jars, and through trial and error, you will find the one you need. As soon as you find the right one, a level 75 guardian will appear. You will need to defeat him, without using magic (he is immune to it). Be careful, because you are not able to teleport from this fight.

11. Go back out across the pit. After you jump across it, you will snap out of your hypnosis. Go back to where you got the jar and fought the guardian and drop it right where you took it.

12. Next, go back to the high priest and he will tell you to help the embalmer and carpenter to prepare for the ceremony.

13. Go to the north-eastern corner of the village, and speak to Raetul. Buy one piece of linen from him.

14. Speak to the embalmer located in the south-western corner of the village. Give him the sap, bag of salt and some linen and let him do his thing.

15. Speak with the carpenter by the potter’s wheel. After you tell him that the High Priest needs him to make a holy symbol, he will explain that he will need some willow logs. Give one to him. If you did these steps in the indicated order, the carpenter should be done making the holy symbol instantaneously.

16. You will now have to speak with the high priest again. Walk back into the pyramid and proceed to the center. Typically, you will be under hypnosis once you jump across the pit again. Hide the unholy symbol in one of the sarcophaguses in the eastern chamber. Don't search them or you will take damage! Exit the chamber, and then head back to the eastern chamber.

17. The ceremony will start as you step foot in the eastern chamber. When the devourer appears, refuse its request to kill the high priest. Defeat the possessed priest summoned by the devourer. This is when food would come in handy. It is also recommended you use the level 43 prayer-protect from melee.

18. After you kill the possessed priest, go talk to the priest back at the temple. On your way out, you will get another flashback, which serves to explain the end of the quest. Exit the pyramid and speak to the high priest. The high priest will give you your reward. Quest complete!

Quest completion scroll of Icthlarin's Little Helper

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