Merlin's Crystal Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 6 quest points
  • Excalibur Sword
  • Ability to do the Holy Grail quest.


Talk to King Arthur in Camelot Castle [map].

Needed skills:


Needed quests:


Needed items:


1. Tell King Arthur that you want to be a knight of the round table. Then go to Sir Gawain and ask him how Merlin got trapped in the crystal. Then ask him if he know how Merlin got trapped. Now, ask him how you could get into Morgan Le Faye's Stronghold.

2. Go upstairs in the castle, and talk to Sir Lancelot. Be sure to not talk to the other knights, otherwise you won't be able to do the next steps! Ask him about Morgan Le Faye's Stronghold.

3. Head to Catherby. Behind the candle shop, which is west of the bank, there are some crates. In one of them, you can hide. Do it. You will hear lots of voices, and finally you can go out of the crate.

4. Go upstairs in the tower twice, and talk with Sir Mordred. When you're about to kill him, Morgan Le Fay will appear and tell you to stop. Say that she have to tell how to untrap Merlin.

5. Go downstairs again and kill a bat outside if you haven't Bat Bones, if you want some. But you can't go back into the house if you do so. If you already have bat bones, hide in the crate were you came from to get back to the candle shop.

6. Talk to the Candle Maker and ask him if he can make a black candle. He will tell you that you need to give him a bucket full of Wax.

7. Go to the house just north of the bank in Catherby. Pick up the Insect Repellent which is on the table.

8. Head to the beehives west of Catherby, just beside the Flaxes. Pick up the bucket that respawns there, and use the Insect Repellent on one of the beehives, and then you can take from the one you used the repellent on.

9. Go back to the Candle Maker with the bucket full of wax and he will give you a black candle. Use your Tinderbox on it to light it.

10. Go to the Lady of the Lake at the lake south of Tavelrey and tell her that you seek the Excalibur Sword, and she'll tell you that she have to set up a test for you: You have to go upstairs in the Jewelry shop in Port Sarim.

11. Go to the Jewelry shop in Port Sarim, and when you try to open the door, a beggar will appear and ask you about a loaf of bread. Give him the bread and he will turn into the Lady of the Lake and you have passed her test. You will get the Excalibur Sword.

12. Go to the altar in Varrock, near the rune shop, and go to the altar. Right-click on it and select "Check Altar", and it will tell you that there is an inscription there, which says "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto".

13. Go back to Camelot Castle with your lit black candle, and the bat bones. Go northeast of the castle, and you will see a pentagram with an orange symbol on the floor. Drop your Bat Bones on it, and a demon will appear. You will have to chant the inscription you have seen on the Altar. Once you've chanted the correct words, you will be able to smash Merlin's Crystal.

14. Go to the South East tower of the castle, climb to the top of the tower and use your Excalibur Sword with the crystal, and it will shatter and free Merlin. He will tell you to speak to King Arthur to get your reward.

Quest completion scroll of Merlin's Crystal

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