Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 3 quest points
  • 2,000 Herblore and Crafting XP
  • Ability to use the General Store in Mort'ton
  • Access to the Shades of Mort'ton mini-game


The town of Mort'ton to the south east of Filliman Tarlocks camp in the Kingdom of Morytania. Search a shelf in the southwestern part of Mort'ton.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

You should have more than 16 free inventory slots when you start the quest. Also, you should be on a Shades of Mort'ton world (World 77), or at least have some friends helping you.


1. To start the quest, search the shelf in a house in the southwestern part of Mort'ton [map]. You should find a diary. Read it.

2. Right-click on the smashed table in the room and search it. You will find 3 herbs. Identify them. Add a Tarromin to the Vial of water, then add the ashes.

3. Head north and you will see a general shop. Use the Serum 207 with Razmire, the shop owner. Ask him about the shadowy creatures, and he asks you to bring 5 shade remains.

4. There are Loar Shadows everywhere in Mort'ton. When you attack one, they'll transform into a Loar Shade. Kill 5 of them and pick up the remains.

5. Go back to Razmire and talk to him. If he has turned into an afflicted, use the Serum on him. He takes two remains and tells you to give the rest to Ulsquire. Ulsquire is in a house just southeast of the general store. Use the Serum on him to talk to him. He takes the remain. Talk to him again and ask what he found out about the remains.

6. If you've run out of Serum, chop down a tree nearby and light another fire to get some ashes. Meanwhile, fill your vial in Ulsquire's house. Then, make a new serum by adding Tarromin and Ashes to the Vial of water. The speak to Razmire again, and buy Olive Oil from him. Then, use the building store and buy the following items:

  • 5 Limestones
  • 5 Limestone bricks
  • 5 Planks
  • 15 Swamp Paste

7. In this part, you should be on a crowded world such as world 2 or world 6. Go northeast of Mort'ton, and you will see the temple (and hopefully other players working on it). Reinforce the temple walls, and you will see some stats in the upper right corner of your screen. When the sanctity is at 10%, light the altar in the middle of the temple (if it's not already lit) and use your Olive oil on it. You will obtain some Sacred oil.

Eventually, you can continue working on the temple to get 20% sanctity, which will let you use your Serum 207 on the fire to get Serum 208, which is a permanent cure.

8. Chop down a dead tree nearby, and use the Sacred oil on the logs to get Pyre logs. Then, find the Funeral Pyres, which are located at the east and south of the village. Use the Pyre Logs with the Funeral Pyre, then add the Loar remains. Light it.

9. Head back to Ulsquire and use another dose of Serum to complete the quest. Congratulations!

Note: If you use the Serum 208 (see step 7 for info), you will be able to use the shop in Mort'ton at any time.

Quest completion scroll of Shades of Mort'ton

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