Temple of Senntisten Quest Guide

Difficulty: Master
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 23k Experience Lamp
  • 2x 20k Experience Lamp
  • Access to Senntisten Temple's Altar
  • Access to Ancient Curses


  • Speak to Ali the Wise at his home in Nardah.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:


Part 1 - Old Friends

Head to Nardah to talk to Ali the Wise. He will tell you Dr. Nabanik needs your help at the Digsite Exam Centre. Ali will then give you a Digsite Amulet, so you can teleport to the Digsite. He can be found near the statue at entrance to the Digsite building.

Talk to Dr. Nabanik to learn that he is Azzanadra and that he wants to rebuil an ancient altar below the Digsite. He needs a certificate to start reconstructing the altar however. Head inside and talk to the Head Archaeologist at the Exam Centre to try to get a certificate. Convince him that you back Dr. Nabanik and trust that he will not destroy anything. Once you recieve the certificate, do back to Dr. Nabanik to pass it over.

He will tell you to meet him at the altar under the Digsite. To reach the altar you must use a rope (provided by Dr. Nabanik) on the winch in the north-west part of the Digsite. Walk to the altar and talk to Azzanadra. Azzanadra will tell you that he needs a Barrows icon (Morytania) and The Frostenhorn (the north).

Part 2 - A Barrows Run

Head to south-east of Morytania to fight the Barrows brothers. Kill all 5 barrows brothers who are in their tombs and then enter the tunnel in the crypt of the missing brother. Make your way through the maze into to the chest, on the way (or in the chest room) you will encounter the final brother. Kill him and proceed. Search the chest to receive a Barrows icon. Bring the Barrows icon to Azzanadra before beginning the next part.

For more information on Barrows, please visit our Barrows guide.

Part 3 - Frostenhorn

Note: There are Iron and Steel Dragons here, so an anti-dragon shield is greatly advised!

Head to the castle near the Ice Plateau, located in the most north-western corner of the Member's wilderness. The entrance is blocked by a large chunk of ice.

Find the pedestal on the south side of the entrance and place the fire orb on it. Squeeze past the ice.

Head into the castle (the entrance is on the southern side) and go up the stairs, east and then down another set of stairs. Next to the door will be a wall you are able to climb.

Climb up here, run north, then west and climb down a wall opposite the one you climed up. You will see a trap door, go down it and you will be in the dungeon.

The dungeon is a puzzle where you must melt some ice using heat globes to proceed through the dungeon.

When completing the puzzle, be aware of the level 132 Waterfiends and Icefiends which will be released as you progress.

  • Retrieve your first globe from this stand (1).
  • Place it here (2).
  • Walk into this room, telegrab your globe from stand by right clicking it and place it here (3). Enter the trapdoor you unfreeze.
  • Pick up a globe from the floor here (4).
  • Place it here (5).
  • Retrieve the globe from this stand (6) (a piece of stone will be attached to it) and leave the dungeon the way you entered. Climb the wall and place the globe in the broken pedestal lying on the ground. Push the pedestal down the hill and return to the dungeon.
  • Take the globe from point (7) and place it in the pipe located here (8). Use a hammer to 'Whack' it through then progress to the next room, up the ladder and along to this point to kill the Ice Demon (Level 177) (9). Retrieve the Frostenhorn and return to Azzandra.

Part 4 - Finishing the altar

After your return to Azzandra and your subsequent handing over of the items, he will have the altar mostly restored, but he needs you to get one more item for him.

Return to the winch and an assassin will appear. Talk to him and catch the item from his hands. Once you have the relic, head down the winch and return to Azzandra one more time.

A cutscene will appear that involves Azzanadra communicating with Zaros.

Quest completion scroll of Temple of Senntisten

Extra Information

  • The 23k Experience lamp can be used on Prayer.
  • The 20k Experience lamps cannot.

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