Troll Romance Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • 8000 Agility XP
  • 4000 Strength XP
  • 7 uncut gems (1 diamond, 2 rubies, 4 emeralds)


Talk to Ug in the Troll Stronghold (explained in the walkthrough).

Needed skills:

  • Level 28 Agility
  • Ability to beat a level 113 troll.

Recommended skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Rope (can be bought in Catherby General Store for 23gp)
  • Cake Tin (can also be bought in the Catherby General Store, for 13gp)
  • Swamp Tar (found in the Lumbridge Swamps)
  • Climbing Boots (can be bought from Tenzing the Sherpa, for 12gp. Look at the walkthrough if you don't know where he is.)
  • Iron Bar
  • Maple Log or Yew Log
  • A Bucket of Wax (go to the house north of the bank in Catherby and pick up an insect repellient, then go west of Catherby to the Beehives, pick up the bucket, use the insect repellient on a Beehive, then use the bucket on it)

Recommended items:

  • 2-3 Prayer Potions
  • Games Necklace (enchant a Sapphire Necklace)
  • Teleport Runes
  • Good Food
  • Good Armour and Weapon


1. You will now have to find Ug. To do this, take the secret path north of Tenzing the Sherpa's Hut, climb over the first Climbing Rocks, and now, go west instead of east [map]. You will come to a secret door. Open it.

2. You are now in the cave where you freed Dunstan's son in the Troll Stronghold quest. Go to the north of the dungeon, and climb the staircases. Then go through the Prison Door, and then go south. Then, go through the door to the west, and talk with Ug who is crying (you will see a quest icon on the minimap).

3. He wants to kill you, but he's too sad to do it. Tell him "Awww, you poor troll. What seems to be the problem?". Then tell him that you'll see what you can do.

4. Now, go north, and through the small door. Enter the room, and you'll see Aga. (Don't worry, Arrg won't attack you). Ask "So... how's your... um... love life?". She will tell that Arrg is strong and big, but she doesn't really know if he loves her. She will tell you that Arrg will show his love by bringing her favorite flower Trollweiss. Then, any option will do.

5. Go back to Ug, and you will tell him that Aga loves the Trollweiss flower.

6. Now, the person who has spent his whole life in the mountains, that's Tenzing the Sherpa. So, go to Tenzing's Hut and talk to him. Ask him "Do you know where I can find Trollweiss?". Then ask him what you would need to make a such sled.

7. Now, head to Dunstan, who is located northwest of Burthorpe [map]. Tell him "I need a sled!!". He will then tell you that you need a Maple Log or Yew Log, an Iron bar and some Rope. Talk to Dunstan again, with the items in your backpack. He will give you the sled, and tell you that you need some Wax, Swamp Tar and a Cake Tin. Now, use the Swamp Tar with the Bucket of Wax, and you will make some Sled Wax. Use this on the Sled.

8. You will now need to go to the Ice Plateau. You won't need the cake tin anymore, so you can drop it. If you want to, you can fill the free inventory slots with some food or prayer potions. To get to the Ice Plateau, you'll have to take the long way to the Troll Stronghold, where the rock throwers are. But instead of going southwest of the maze, go northwest [map].

9. You should now come to an Ice Gate. Go northwest of it, and enter the cave there.

Note that since it's so cold there, you will be hit if you don't enter the cave fast enough. However, it only hits 1.

10. Now, go into the cave. But note that there are Ice Trolls in level 120, 121, 123 and 124 there! So, run past them, and use protect from melee if you can. Just before the end of the cave, there will be a little "crevasse":

11. Enter the crevasse and you will come to a huge Ice Plateau. Note that there are Ice Wolves all around the plateau, in level 96. Head southwest of the plateau until you find a "slope". Ride your Sled, and select "Slide" on the Slope.

Once you're on the plateau, you can slide around on your sled, just like walking. Don't wear your weapons, continue using the sled. Now, at the south-east, there should be a Sled and two Chaos Rune spawns. Ignore them and go to the west, up a small hill. There are some "Rare Flowers" there. Pick as many as you want, you can even wear them as normal flowers (Don't do it now though). You will get some Trollweiss in your inventory.

12. Now, you can either teleport to Trollheim and go to Ug. Enter the Troll Stronghold by going through the "troll marketplace", then south, and then through the door.

If you don't have the required magic level, you'll have to take the long way: head south, and slide the next slope. At the end of the slope, enter the tunnel. Follow the cave until you reach the end, where there is another tunnel entrance. You're now east of Relekka. Use the main map to find the way back to Burthorpe and then to Ug.

13. Talk to Ug. However, he don't want to give the flower to Aga, since Arrg is there. So you'll have to kill Arrg. Note that Arrg is BOTH using Melee and Range on you, so be prepared! Use your protect from melee BEFORE you speak to Arrg. Also, note when you're about to kill him, he will hit really hard on your, so be prepared to eat! When you kill him, he will die with an "Arrrrg!!"

14. Head back to Ug and tell him that you have defeated Arrg, and you'll finish the quest!

Quest completion scroll of Troll Romance

The 7 earned gems are:
1 Diamond
2 Rubies
4 Emeralds

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