Underground Pass Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 5 quest points
  • 3000 Agility and Attack XP
  • Iban staff and ability to cast the Iban Blast spell
  • Access to the Underground Pass
  • 15 Death runes and 30 Fire runes


Speak to King Lathas in East Ardougne.

Needed skills:

  • Level 25 Ranged
  • Ability to kill 3 level 91 demons.
  • A decent Thieving and Agility level (40-50+) is recommended.

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • A few Ropes (4-5 ropes are recommended if you have low agility)
  • A Bow of your choice
  • At least 1, preferably more arrows
  • Spade
  • Tinderbox

Recommended items

  • Good armour, weapon and food


1. To start the quest, speak to King Lathas in Ardougne. After listening to him, go to west Ardougne. You can do that by going through the big gates. Once you are in Ardougne you don't need a gas mask. Head all the way west until you come to the cave entrance and speak to Koftik outside the cave before entering.


2. When in the cave, do not try and cross the swamp, instead climb over the rockslide to the right or left to go around the swamp. On the other side speak to Koftik once more to be given a cloth. Wrap it round an arrow and use it with the fire near Koftik to get a flaming arrow.

3. Go to the area just north of Koftik, and fire at the guide rope. Make sure you have your bow and fire arrow equipped. Make sure you You will automatically cross the bridge, don't pull the lever on the other side unless you want to get back again.

Continue through the passageways until you reach a swamp, then continue east until you reach a large hole. Use your rope with the old spike at the northern part of the hole to cross it. You will lose your rope in the process.

Continue through the passageways, and climb over the rockslides that are blocking the path.

When you get to the grid part you will simply have to cross it by trial and error. Note that the solution will change from player to player, but you the solution will always be the same for you. So never walk on a square that you've failed on earlier, it won't work. It might be a good idea to write down the solution as you may need it later. When on the other side, pull the lever to open the portcullis.

4. Continue to the west. You will see a furnace to the North. You don't have to do anything, just remember it's here. Continue to the west, and where the tunnel becomes very narrow, there will be lots of traps. You should just quickly run past them - do not stop or you will take a lot of damage! Keep going on until you reach a room with a well in the middle.

There are four paths you can take to reach the orbs. Starting from the left to right, the first orb can be gotten by tieing a rope to a rock and then attempting to cross the tunnel, you will fall, but you will still be able to pick up the orb.

Afterwards make sure you search the rock to get your rope back. The next path is very frustrating, you just have to keep trying and use a lot of food. The next path you simply have to kill the ogre to get the orb. Finally, use a plank with the final spiked path to cross, there's a respawn of planks in the room.

After you have 4 different orbs make your way back to the furnace and burn the orbs, then make your way down the well.

5. Speak to Koftik and search the crate for food, you'll need it. Continue along the path until you reach the slaves.

Their cages can be picked open to get inside. One of the cages will have a pile of soil, so dig your way through the ground. From there continue along the path to get to the metal grating, use the rope on the metal grating, then climb it across.

Climb along the ledges near the spike pit, keep on following the path until you come to a unicorn in a cage, search the cage for a piece of metal. Now go back and climb the ledge near the cage, use the metal with the bolder.

6. Climb back down and search the rubble for a unicorn horn, then continue on. Speak to Koftik once more, and go past the zombies.

When you get to the paladins speak to them for food. Then kill 3 of them so you have 3 sets of armour.

Go ahead to the cauldron of Zamorak and put the coats of armour and the unicorn horn inside the flames.

7. The gates of Iban will be open. Go down the steps and you should come to a large wasteland full of souless creatures. If you are in need of food, go into the center of the area for a stew and trout respawn. Go to the southwest corner of the area to meet some dwarves. Speak to each one; one of them, named Klank, will give you some gauntlets.

8. Take a bucket and use it with the brew barrel to fill it up. Now go to the south of the area until you see a ladder. From the top of the ladder the witch is northeast. Don't open the door yet, examine her and you will see she's lost her cat. The cat can be picked up northwest, search about for it for a bit, then bring it back to the witch.

Then go through the door and search the cupboard for some potions, and a book on how to resurrect Iban.(Or in this case, destroy him). You will need to find 4 elements.

Element 1: At the south east of the wasteland you will see Iban's tomb. Use the bucket of brew on it before using a tinderbox to set it on fire. Take the flesh from the remains.

Element 2: Go to the northeast corner of the battlefield and you will see a giant spider nest. If you can't get through the gate then just keep trying until you get through. Kill the biggest spider there to get one of the ingredients.

Element 3: Go above the battlefield, east of the witch and you will see 3 demons. Kill them all and take the amulets, which they drop. Use the amulets to open a chest near the black demon. Inside will be the shadow element.

Element 4: Somewhere above the wasteland are lots of cages with souless creatures inside. Using Klank's gauntlets, their bites won't harm you when you search the cages. Keep searching them until you find the dove.

9. Once you completed your voodoo doll make your way to the Zamorak temple, kill the monks outside for Zamorak robes which will allow you inside. When you get in Iban will begin to cast magic spells at you so get ready to heal quick! Try to avoid the attacks and chuck the doll into the pits of doom to defeat him. After going through the cutscene, speak to the king of Ardougne to finish the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Underground Pass

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