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Iban's staff
Iban's staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Ibis Pouch
Ibis PouchMembers only1,922 gpSummoning
Ice amulet
Ice amulet Not tradableDiscontinued items
Ice giant ribs
Ice giant ribsMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Ice gloves
Ice glovesMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableClothing
Ice Titan
Ice TitanMembers only8,378 gpSummoning
Immense heat scroll
Immense heat scrollMembers only143 gpSummoning
Impling jar
Impling jarMembers only845 gpTools
Incomplete pizza
Incomplete pizzaMembers only512 gpMisc. edible food
Incomplete stew (meat)
Incomplete stew (meat) 462 gpInedible ingredients
Incomplete stew (potato)
Incomplete stew (potato) 380 gpInedible ingredients
Indigo afro
Indigo afro 92 gpClothing
Inferno adze
Inferno adzeMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableTools
Inferno scroll
Inferno scrollMembers only161 gpSummoning
Infinity boots
Infinity bootsMembers only930.5kMagical armour
Infinity bottoms
Infinity bottomsMembers only3.4mMagical armour
Infinity gloves
Infinity glovesMembers only1.2mMagical armour
Infinity hat
Infinity hatMembers only2.7mMagical armour
Infinity robes set
Infinity robes setMembers only9.7mMagical armour
Infinity top
Infinity topMembers only1.4mMagical armour
Infused wand
Infused wandMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Inoculation brace
Inoculation braceMembers only1,381 gpJewellery
Insane ferocity scroll
Insane ferocity scrollMembers only97 gpSummoning
Instruction manual
Instruction manualMembers onlyN/AMiscellaneous
Insulated boots
Insulated bootsMembers only396 gpClothing
Irit seed
Irit seedMembers only256 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Iron 2h sword
Iron 2h sword 84 gp2h melee weapons
Iron armour set (l)
Iron armour set (l) 501 gpMetal armour
Iron armour set (sk)
Iron armour set (sk) 500 gpMetal armour
Iron arrow
Iron arrow 22 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p)
Iron arrow(p)Members only36 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p+)
Iron arrow(p+)Members only133 gpArrows
Iron arrow(p++)
Iron arrow(p++)Members only1,773 gpArrows
Iron arrowtips
Iron arrowtipsMembers only15 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Iron bar
Iron bar 219 gpOres & bars
Iron battleaxe
Iron battleaxe 54 gpMelee weapons
Iron bolts
Iron bolts 41 gpBolts
Iron boots
Iron bootsMembers only13.8kMetal armour
Iron bull rush scroll
Iron bull rush scrollMembers only169 gpSummoning
Iron c'bow (u)
Iron c'bow (u)Members only38 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Iron chainbody
Iron chainbody 138 gpMetal armour
Iron claws
Iron clawsMembers only39 gp2h melee weapons
Iron crossbow
Iron crossbowMembers only114 gpBows and crossbows
Iron dagger
Iron dagger 10 gpMelee weapons
Iron dart
Iron dartMembers only45 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart tip
Iron dart tipMembers only38 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Iron dart(p)
Iron dart(p)Members only61 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart(p+)
Iron dart(p+)Members only158 gpThrown weapons
Iron dart(p++)
Iron dart(p++)Members only1,798 gpThrown weapons
Iron defender
Iron defenderMembers onlyNot tradableMelee weapons
Iron dragon mask
Iron dragon maskMembers only23.8mMisc. armour
Iron full helm
Iron full helm 110 gpMetal armour
Iron Gauntlets
Iron Gauntlets Not tradableMetal armour
Iron halberd
Iron halberdMembers only87 gp2h melee weapons
Iron hasta
Iron hastaMembers only30 gpMelee weapons
Iron hasta (p)
Iron hasta (p)Members only617 gpMelee weapons
Iron hasta (p+)
Iron hasta (p+)Members only905 gpMelee weapons
Iron hasta (p++)
Iron hasta (p++)Members only7,895 gpMelee weapons
Iron hatchet
Iron hatchet 16 gpTools
Iron javelin
Iron javelinMembers only5 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p)
Iron javelin(p)Members only19 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p+)
Iron javelin(p+)Members only116 gpThrown weapons
Iron javelin(p++)
Iron javelin(p++)Members only1,756 gpThrown weapons
Iron kiteshield
Iron kiteshield 74 gpMetal armour
Iron knife
Iron knifeMembers only52 gpThrown weapons
Iron longsword
Iron longsword 42 gpMelee weapons
Iron mace
Iron mace 18 gpMelee weapons
Iron med helm
Iron med helm 25 gpMetal armour
Iron Minotaur
Iron MinotaurMembers only2,181 gpSummoning
Iron nails
Iron nailsMembers only12 gpMiscellaneous
Iron ore
Iron ore 133 gpOres & bars
Iron pickaxe
Iron pickaxe 238 gpTools
Iron platebody
Iron platebody 222 gpMetal armour
Iron platelegs
Iron platelegs 84 gpMetal armour
Iron plateskirt
Iron plateskirt 91 gpMetal armour
Iron scimitar
Iron scimitar 34 gpMelee weapons
Iron sheet
Iron sheetMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Iron spear
Iron spearMembers only145 gp2h melee weapons
Iron sq shield
Iron sq shield 50 gpMetal armour
Iron sword
Iron sword 27 gpMelee weapons
Iron thrownaxe
Iron thrownaxeMembers only13 gpThrown weapons
Iron titan pouch
Iron titan pouchMembers only3,458 gpSummoning
Iron warhammer
Iron warhammer 67 gpMelee weapons
Iron within scroll
Iron within scrollMembers only406 gpSummoning
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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