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It is rumored that there is a type of fruit in RuneScape that is not only delicious, but can renew your body from the point of exhaustion. This fruit is called Sq’irk and is a much sought after commodity. Osman, a master thief, loves Sq’irk juice but he had a bit of a disagreement with the only person who knows how to obtain them.

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  • Starting point: talk to Osman outside of Al Kharid Castle

How to Begin:

Using your charged Amulet of glory, teleport to Al Kharid and walk out the front gate of the castle. To the west, you will find Osman waiting around for helpful adventurers such as yourself.

The Sorceress in Al Kharid has a very special garden in her house that grows these special fruits. She has managed to cultivate four different types of Sq’irk tree, each one tastier than the last. It is up to you to help out Osman, but in return he promises you a good chunk of Thieving XP. He tells you to talk to the apprentice in the Sorceress’ house.

Go grab your Pestle & Mortar and your lightweight clothes from the bank to the East of Osman and head over to the Sorceress’ house.

You will need to grind the Sq’irk fruits into a juice, so you can search the shelves near the apprentice to obtain some beer glasses.

Grab as many as you like, but make sure you have at least five empty spaces in your inventory if you plan on filling your inventory with juice.

The Gardens:

When you are ready, go ahead and teleport into the Gardens and you will find yourself greeted with a different garden in each direction.

It would be helpful to explain a little bit about obtaining the individual garden requirements.

To the West, you have the Winter Garden. You’ll need only level 1 Thieving to enter.

To the East, you have the Spring Garden. You’ll need level 25 Thieving to enter.

To the South, you have the Autumn Garden. You’ll need level 45 Thieving to enter.

To the North, you have the Summer Garden. You’ll need level 65 Thieving to enter.

It won’t be as easy as walking in and just picking the fruit from the tree though. You will need to be sneaky and quick to avoid detection by the Elemental Guards on patrol. This is where wearing your light weight clothing comes into play.

In order to successfully navigate the gardens, you need to know where the safe spots are and run from one to another without letting the elemental guards seeing you. The Elementals can see exactly four squares ahead of them and follow very strict routes and having said that, getting caught will teleport you back to the fountain at the center to start over again.

Winter Garden:

Spring Garden:

Autumn Garden:

Summer Garden:


With your run on, go to the first of the safe spots after the Elemental passes you. Keep ditching into each of the safe spots until you’ve reached the last one. The final moves of each of the gardens are a little tricky because there will be two to three elementals on different routes. The best plan is to take some time at this point to observe the paths and frequency that these final guards move at. Once you have a good feel for how they interact time wise you can slide between them to the Sq'irk trees or the herb patches.

It's best to give yourself plenty of time to get used to the paths and timings of each guard, that way you can find a pattern that is both time efficient and easy.


Once you have made it to the Sq’irk tree, you have two options available to you. You can either pick the Squirt fruit or pick some herbs from the herb patch near the tree. Each garden offers a different type of fruit as well as different amounts of Farming experience for picking it.

Picking the Sq'irks:

  • Winter Sq'irk gives you 30 Farming XP
  • Spring Sq'irk gives you 40 Farming XP
  • Autumn Sq'irk gives you 50 Farming XP
  • Summer Sq'irk gives you 60 Farming XP

Clicking on the herb patch will give you two random herbs (all except Snapdragon, Toadflax, and Torstol).

Picking the herbs also will give you 50 Farming XP

If you chose to pick the fruit, you will have to get a couple more to make the juice. You will need 5 Winter Sq'irk to fill a Beer glass, 4 for Spring, 3 for Autumn and 2 for Summer.

Once you have desired amount of the juice(s), drink from the fountain at the center of the gardens to return to the Sorceress’s shop.

The Juice(s) give bonuses when you drink them, so you can either give them to Osman, or keep them for yourself.

If you decide to keep them they will have the following stat improving features:

  • 5% energy bonus if you drink a Winter Sq'irk Juice
  • 10% energy bonus if you drink a Spring also +1 to your Thieving level.
  • 15% energy bonus if you drink a Autumn also +2 for Thieving level.
  • 20% energy bonus if you drink a Summer also +3 for Thieving level.

If you choose to return to Osman, he will reward you handsomely for your efforts and beg that if you find your hands on any more to please return to him.


Tips and Tricks:

After you have completed Swept Away quest, the Sorceress's Apprentice in Al Kharid can enchant the broomstick from the quest to teleport you straight into the Sorceress's Garden.

It is also much easier/quicker to fill up your inventory on fruits and just bank them all, that way you don’t have to worry about carrying glasses and the P&M around.

Lightweight clothes are not a necessity, but they certainly do not hurt if you are doing multiple runs.

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