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Ahrim's staff
Ahrim's staffMembers only51.6kStaffs
Air battlestaff
Air battlestaffMembers only9,031 gpStaffs
Ancient staff
Ancient staffMembers onlyQuest item86.6kStaffs
Apprentice wand
Apprentice wandMembers only54.7kStaffs
Bat staff
Bat staffMembers only517.3kStaffs
BattlestaffMembers only8,490 gpStaffs
Beginner wand
Beginner wandMembers only42.8kStaffs
Caitlin's staff
Caitlin's staffQuest itemNot tradableStaffs
Cat staff
Cat staffMembers only324.5kStaffs
Corrupt zuriel's staff
Corrupt zuriel's staffMembers only491.6kStaffs
Dragon staff
Dragon staffMembers only1.5mStaffs
Dramen staff
Dramen staffMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableStaffs
Earth battlestaff
Earth battlestaffMembers only9,133 gpStaffs
Fire battlestaff
Fire battlestaffMembers only9,117 gpStaffs
Guthix staff
Guthix staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Iban's staff
Iban's staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Lava battlestaff
Lava battlestaffMembers only9,943 gpStaffs
Lunar staff
Lunar staffMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableStaffs
Magic staff
Magic staff 89 gpStaffs
Master wand
Master wandMembers only3.7mStaffs
Mud battlestaff
Mud battlestaffMembers only419.5kStaffs
Mystic air staff
Mystic air staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Mystic earth staff
Mystic earth staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Mystic fire staff
Mystic fire staffMembers only25.2kStaffs
Mystic lava staff
Mystic lava staffMembers only26.9kStaffs
Mystic mud staff
Mystic mud staffMembers only463.5kStaffs
Mystic steam staff
Mystic steam staffMembers only326.8kStaffs
Mystic water staff
Mystic water staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Penguin staff
Penguin staffMembers only526.6kStaffs
Runecrafting staff
Runecrafting staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Runecrafting staff (fire)
Runecrafting staff (fire) Not tradableStaffs
Sacred clay staff
Sacred clay staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Saradomin staff
Saradomin staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Skull sceptre
Skull sceptre Not tradableStaffs
Slayer's staff
Slayer's staffMembers only12.5kStaffs
Staff 17 gpStaffs
Staff of air
Staff of air 793 gpStaffs
Staff of earth
Staff of earth 838 gpStaffs
Staff of fire
Staff of fire 865 gpStaffs
Staff Of Guthix
Staff Of GuthixMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Staff of light
Staff of light 3.1mStaffs
Staff Of Saradomin
Staff Of SaradominMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Staff of water
Staff of water 1,206 gpStaffs
Staff Of Zamorak
Staff Of ZamorakMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Steam battlestaff
Steam battlestaffMembers only284.7kStaffs
Teacher wand
Teacher wandMembers only782.1kStaffs
Third-age druidic staff
Third-age druidic staffMembers only18.4mStaffs
Toktz-mej-talMembers only28.6kStaffs
Water battlestaff
Water battlestaffMembers only9,037 gpStaffs
White magic staff
White magic staffMembers only400 gpStaffs
Wolf staff
Wolf staffMembers only662.2kStaffs
Zamorak staff
Zamorak staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Zuriel's staff
Zuriel's staffMembers only803.5kStaffs
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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