Draynor - Introduction

Draynor is a small village located west of Lumbridge and east of Port Sarim. It's busy town full of adventures running around either to try their hand at Fishing, chopping Willows, questing, or running away from the rabid vampire in the Manor.


1. Swept Away

You are able to start the Swept Away Quest here by talking to Maggie. It's a short F2P quest with decent rewards, it originally was a Halloween holiday mini-quest.

2. Summoning Obelisk

Here you will find a Summoning Obelisk by the willow trees and Maggie. Obelisks are useful to recharge Summoning points. But beware a Level 33 Black Knight lurks nearby and if you are a low level he may attack.

3. Willows And Fishing Spots

Willows are located here along with a few fishing spots. This is a great place to chop Willow Logs or fish because it is right beside the Draynor Bank allowing for quick runs. There are also some level 7 Dark Wizards hanging around the trees which tend to cause trouble for low level skillers. The best idea for you skillers would be to wear some magical robes and stay as far right as possible to avoid contact with the Dark Wizards. It can be annoying if all the tree's in that section are cut down but it just might save your life!

4. Draynor Jail

The Jail is located just west of the bank. Here you will find Prince Ali and Lady Keli who are a important part of the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. There are also some level 21 Guards located around the premises that will attack you if you are a low level.

5. Wheat Field

The Wheat Field is well full of wheat! Here you can pick as much Wheat as your heart desires to be used in the Cooking skill. There is also a lone farmer hanging about the area.

6. Bank

The Draynor Bank is located here.

If you talk to the banker outside for the small price of 50gp you can watch a video of The Wise Old Man breaking into the bank.

7. Aggie's House

Aggie is the witch of Draynor; be nice to her or she may turn you into something.... She also makes dyes in exchange for various items. There is also some Cheese and a Tomato ripe for the taking in her house.

8. Market Place

The Market is a place of huge traffic. Here you will find Diango who can return your holiday items he also has a shop with a variety of toys.

There is also a wine shop where you can buy Jugs or Jug of wine. You can also train your Thieving here on the various stalls located in this area.

9. Ned's House

Ned is an important NPC of Draynor Village. Ned can make Rope for you if you give him 4 Ball of wool and 5gp or you can just buy it for 15gp. He is also needed for The Dragon Slayer Quest as he is the navigator that will take you to Crandor. He also helps you get a wig that is needed for the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. Not to be forgotten Ned is a part of the Lumbridge Achievement Diary and will return your Explorer's Ring 3 if it is lost.

10. Morgans House

This is where you will start the Vampire Slayer quest. In the cupboard upstairs you will find some Garlic which is needed to slay the Vampire.

11. Sewers

There are trap doors by the jail and on the other side of Aggies house which lead into the sewer. In the sewer you can train on a variety of monsters or use the anvil located further in.

12. Wise Old Man's House

The Wise Old Man is supposedly a famous old adventure turned bad when he robbed the Draynor Bank. When talking to the Wise Old Man he is a fountain of information on a variety of topics, he will even check your bank for un-needed F2P quest items. He also sells the Quest Cape and Hood.

13. Cabbage Field

If you have fully completed the Lumbridge Achievement Diary you will have received the Explorer Ring 3, which will allow you to do a bunch of neat things one of which is the Cabbage Port. The Cabbage port teleports you to the cabbage field just North West of Draynor. Many adventures shorten various runs by using the Cabbage Port to teleport to the field which allows a short jog to the Draynor Bank.

14. Martin the Master Gardener

Martin the Master Gardener will sell you the Skillcape of Farming once you reach level 99 Farming. Martin will also start the A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains Quest for you. And lastly you can pickpocket Martin if you have Level 38 Thieving.

Draynor - Conclusion

Well all in all Draynor is a small but exciting town just brimming with adventure for you to discover! Remember if you ever get bored or tired just take a break!

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