Yanille is located south of East Ardougne and east of Castle Wars thus making it a members only city. It contains the Wizards' Guild Guide which is an excellent place to mine Rune essence and to buy Magic equipment. You may choose to have your player owned house at Yanille as long as you meet the level 50 Construction requirement. There is a bank, and you may begin two quests here, Hand in the Sand and the Watchtower.

1. Bank

This bank is relatively close to the Wizards' Guild making it faster than mining Rune essence in Varrock.

2. Anvil area

There are three anvils in here that are fairly close to the bank.

3. Yanille Agility Dungeon

If you climb-down the stairs, you will find a door that is locked. You can pick lock it if you have a lockpick and level 82 Thieving. The door is only locked on this one side.

4. Wizards' Guild

In order to enter the Wizards' guild, your Magic level must be atleast level 66. Inside there is a rune store, a robe store, a portal room that can teleport you to certain areas, and more. For more information, please visit the Wizards' Guild Guide page.

5. Pet Store

In here you can buy Nuts, Flies, and Beetle Bits for a price of 10 gp each.

6. Hunting Store

If you trade Aleck, you may purchase hunting supplies.

Butterfly net: 24 gp
Butterfly jar: 1 gp
Magic box: 720 gp
Noose wand: 4 gp
Noose snare: 6 gp
Box trap: 38 gp
Teasing stick: 1 gp
Unlit torch: 4 gp
Rabbit snare: 18 gp

If you trade Leon, he can make you Kebbit bolts or Long bolts as long as you have the required items.

7. Dragon's Inn

The bartender will sell you 3 drinks:

Cheap Beer for 2 gp
Dragon Bitter for 2 gp
Greenman's Ale for 10 gp

8. Entrance

This is an entrance to the city.

9. Player Owned House Portal

You may choose to have your Player Owned House (POH) here so long as you meet the level 50 Construction requirement and pay the Real Estate Agent 25,000 gp.

10. Hand in the Sand Quest start

In here, you can find Bert. Talk to him to start the Hand in the Sand. After the quest, sand can be requested from Bert for free every day. You will receive 84 Buckets of sand, and they'll be directly stored in your bank.

11. Frenita's Cookery Shop

You may purchase cooking supplies from Frenita in here.

Pie dish: 3 gp
Cake tin: 10 gp
Bowl: 4 gp
Potato: 16 gp
Tinderbox: 1 gp
Jug: 1 gp
Empty pot: 1 gp
Chocolate bar: 20 gp
Pot of flour: 14 gp
Empty cup: 2 gp

12. Hops Patch and Wheat

To the left is a hops patch where you can farm. You can pay Selena to watch over your crops for you. To the right is a field where you may pick Grain.

13. Sithik Ints' house

If you climb up the ladder, you will be able to find Sithik Ints lying in a bed. He's an NPC used during the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.

14. Prison Cages

While training Thieving, you may have a random event that locks you into one of these cages. If you're locked in one of these cages or if you see someone in these cages, you can buy Rotten tomatoes form the crate and throw it at him/her.

15. Entrance

This is another entrance to the city.

16. Watchtower Quest Start

Here, you can begin the Watchtower quest.

17. Yanille Agility Dungeon

This place is blocked off by webs, so you'll need a sword to slash through the webs. After you slash them, you can climb-down the stairs.

18. Agility Shortcut

This Agility shortcut requires level 16 Agility.

19. Agility Shortcut

This Agility shortcut requires a grapple, level 39 Agility, level 38 Strength, and level 21 Range.

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