Taverley Dungeon

Taverley's Dungeon entrance is located just south of the town of Taverley, and west of Falador. To get to the deeper areas of the dungeon, you will need a Dusty key or 70+ Agility. To get the key, head to the southern part of the dungeon and kill the jailer. Free Velrak the Explorer using the key the jailer drops, and he will give you a Dusty key.

Blue dragon scales respawn in the Blue dragon chamber. The scale is the second ingredient in the potion Weapon poison. They can be ground down to Dragon scale dust by using a Pestle and mortar and used in Herblore to make Anti fire-breath potion which offers you some protection from dragon's breath.

The fishing spots in this dungeon are for getting Lava eel as part of the Heroes' quest, and the Cauldron of Thunder is used in the Druidic Ritual quest.

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