Eadgar's Ruse Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 11000 Herblore XP
  • Ability to use Trollheim Teleport


Sanfew in Taverley, explained in the Walkthrough.

Needed skills:

  • Level 31 Herblore
  • Level 40 Prayer is highly recommended (to use Protect from Missiles), but not needed

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Clean Rannar and Water-Filled Vial (You can mix the Clean Rannar into the vial to save inventory space)
  • 5 Raw Chickens (obtained by killing chickens)
  • 10 Grain(can be picked in a wheat field)
  • 2 logs
  • Knife (Respawn behind the Axe Shop in Lumbridge)
  • Pinapple (can be farmed, picked west of Brimhaven or bought in the South-east in the Grand Tree), you should have 2 as a precaution.
  • Vodka (Can be bought South-East in the Grand Tree in Tree Gnome Stronghold)
  • Tinderbox
  • Pestle and Mortar (Buyable from the herblore shop in Taverley)
  • Climbing Boots (Can be bought from Tenzing in his hut, on the secret path to the Troll Stronghold for 11GP)

Recommended items


Note that in this guide, we will tell you what items you will need, since you won't be able to have all items in your backpack together.

1. Take these items from the bank before you head to Taverley:

  • Knife
  • Pineapples
  • Vodka
  • Games Necklace (you can wear it to save space)
  • Climbing Boots (If you don't have them now, you can buy them soon. Keep them on during the whole quest!)
  • Food
  • Ardougne Teleport Runes
  • Armour (you can keep it weared the whole quest)

2. Now, head to Taverley. Sanfew can be found upstairs in the herblore shop. Ask him if he have any work, and then tell him that you want to help.

3. (map) Head to Burthorpe, and go to Tenzing's House. Remember to buy climbing boots if you don't have any. It costs 12gp.

4. Climb over the stile north of the house, and follow the path. When you see some climbing rocks, climb over then, and head east after it. Note that you need climbing boots to climb over the rocks!

5. Now, enter the arena where you beat Dad in the Troll Stronghold Quest. Note that Dad won't attack you. Go out of the arena, then find and enter the cave. Go to the exit, and exit it.

6. Go to the center of the maze, and enter the cave there:

7. Talk with Eadgar, and ask him about the Goutweed. He'll tell you that he don't have any, but that you can ask a troll cook if he have any.

8. Now, exit Eadgar's cave. Go out of the maze, to the southwest. Go north of the troll marketplace, and enter the stronghold.

9. When you're in the stronghold, head south, and go downstairs. Find Burntmeat, and talk to him. He says that he wants a human for his stew.

10. Now, head back to Eadgar's Cave. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he have a plan. You will need to find a parrot.

Parrots are located in the Ardougne Zoo.

11. Either teleport Ardougne and walk to the zoo, or go back the way you came to the stronghold.

12. Find Parroty Pete, and speak to him. Ask him "When did you add it?", and then "What do you feed them?".

13. Firstly be sure to NOT eat anything! Use your knife on a Pineapple. You will have to Dice the Pineapple. Now, use your bottle of Vodka (don't drink!!) on the Pineapple Chunks. You will now have Alcho-Chunks.

14. Now, use the Alcho-chunks on the Aviary Hatch.

A parrot will be attracted, and you will catch it. Parrot Pete will try to stop you, but you will tell him that since the parrot is drunk, you will have to take it to the Vet. You will now have a Drunk Parrot in your inventory.

Now, you will need these items:

  • Drunk Parrot.
  • Food
  • 10 grains
  • 2 logs
  • 5 Raw Chicken
  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Rannar Weed and Water filled vial (Or unfinished ranarr potion, it will give you one extra inventory slot)
  • Tinderbox
  • Teleport Runes and food (optional, but recommended)

NOTE: Don't withdraw as notes!

15. Head back to Eadgar (step 3-6).

  • To make it look like a human, you'll need 10 Sheaves of Grain.
  • To make it sound like a human, you'll have to put the Drunk parrot in the Prison, in the Troll Stronghold.
  • To make it smell like a human, you'll need to dress it in Dirty Clothes. You can get it from Sanfew, explained later.
  • To make it taste like a human, you'll need 5 raw chickens.

16. Head to the Troll Stronghold (step 8). When you're in the stronghold, go north. Then go downstairs, through the Prison Door, and then downstairs again. Then, find the rack and use the Drunk Parrot on it.

17. Now, head to Taverley. Teleport is a good idea. Then speak to Sanfew, where you started the quest. Sanfew will tell you to ask Tegid, which is south-east of the Herblore Shop. He will say no. Then, say "Sanfew won't be happy..."

18. Again, head back to Eadgar (step 3-6). Remember to have these items:

  • 10 grains
  • 2 logs
  • 5 Raw Chicken
  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Rannar Weed and Water filled vial (Or unfinished ranarr potion, it will give you one extra inventory slot)
  • Tinderbox
  • Dirty Robe
  • Teleport Runes and food (optional, but recommended)

19. Eadgar will take the Grains, Chickens and logs from you. Now, go out of his cave, and pick a Thistile from one of the grassy patches on the hill you are on now.

20. Now, light a fire, and use the Thistle on it. You will then make a Dried Thistle. Use the Pestle and Mortar with the Dried Thistle to make Ground Thistle, and use it on the unfinished Ranarr Potion. You will now get a Troll Potion. Enter Eadgar's cave again and give him the potion.

21. Head to the Troll Stronghold (step 8). When you're in the stronghold, go north. Then go downstairs, through the Prison Door, and then downstairs again. Then, find the rack where you have the parrot. Search the rack, and you'll find the parrot. Then, head back to Eadgar with the parrot. He will give you a Fake Man, which you will give to the cook. (Burntmeat).

22. Head to Burntmeat, the cook. To do this, enter the stronghold, go south, downstairs and there he is. He says that the Goutweede is in the storeroom, and you'll need a key to enter it, which is very well hidden, no-one can find it. Of course he tells you where it is, too: in the fake bottom of the Kitchen Drawer. Open it, and search it to get the key.

23. Once you have the key, go north of the drawers, and climb down the stairs. Follow the tunnel and open the storeroom door.

24. This is the hardest part of the quest. You will need to make your way through the maze of boxes. without a Guard noticing you! When a Guard sees you, he can hit up to 8 damage and stun you, and you will come to the entrance of the maze!

Note that if you are standing BEHIND the guards, they won't notice you! However, if they see you, you will have to start the maze again. There are no good ways for this maze, so try it out yourself. You should manage to get the goutweed after 5-15 tries.

25. Now, head back to Sanfew in Taverley, who will reward you. Note that if you take extra Goutweed to him, Sanfew will give you a random herb!

Quest completion scroll of Eadgar's Ruse

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