Elemental Workshop III Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 2000 Smithing XP
  • 50 Coal
  • Book of Knowledge
  • Elemental Body Platebody
  • Ability to smith Elemental, Mind and Body bodies, along with body helms and shields.


Search the the bookcase in the chapel in Seers' Village and read the Ragged book.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:


Starting Off

1. To start off, search the bookcase in the Seers' Village Chapel. Once you find the Ragged Book you need to read it.

2. Now head into the Elemental Workshop west of Seers' bank. You must have a Battered key to get in. If you have lost it you can search the bookcase in the house south of the workshop. Once inside the workshop, go to the western room and mine three elemental ores. When mined the ores turn into level 35 Earth elementals which drop the ore when killed.

3. Go to the furnace in the southern room and use the Soft clay on the Ragged Book to get a Key mould. Use the three Elemental ores with the furnace to make three Elemental bars. Now use one of the Elemental Bars on the furnace to get a Ragged Elemental Key.

4. Go one floor further down and you now need to make a primed bar out of your two remaining elemental bars, as you did in The Elemental Workshop II Quest. Refer to steps 5-9. Once you have the Primed bars, head downstairs to the bottom floor and go down the hallway until you reach the Body Door. Use the key on the door to enter it.

The Puzzle

To simplify the steps, the codes for each puzzle are based on the image below, with each letter and number corresponding to the lever that should be pulled.

5. Puzzle One

  • 3, E, 2, F, 3, E, 5, F, 3, E, 5, B, 6, E, 5, D, 6, E, 5, F, 6, C, 3, B, 6, C, 3, B, 6, C, 4, B, 6, C, 5, E, 6, B, 5, E, 6, C, Reset.

6. Puzzle Two

  • E, 1, F, 6, E, 1, F, 6, E, 2, F, 6, E, 3, F, 6, E, 4, F, 6, E, 5, F, 6, E, 5, C, 6, D, 5, Reset.

7. Puzzle Three

  • 1, E, 2, F, 3, E, 1, F, 5, B, 2, E, 5, B, 2, E, 5, B, 2, E, 5, B, 2, C, 3, B, 6, C, 2, E, 5, C, 2, E, 6, B, 2, F, 5, E, 4, F, 6, D, 5, F, 6, D, 5, E, Reset.

8. Puzzle Four
B, 1, C, 6, B, 2, C, 6, B, 3, C, 6, B, 4, C, 6, B, 5, E, 2, C, 5, F, 6, C, 5, E, 6, C, 5, D, 6, C, 5, Reset.

9. Puzzle Five
Make sure while doing the fifth puzzle that you do not reset at any time or you will have to do all of puzzle five again.

  • 2, B, 1, C, 2, B, 6, F, 2, B, 4, C, 5, E, 4, F, 6, D, 5, F, 3, E, 5, F, 4, E, 5, F, 6, C, 5, F, 6, D, 5, E.
  • 3, D, 2, F, 5, D, 6, F, 1, E, 5, F, 2, B, 6, F, 2, B, 6, F, 3, E, 5, F, 6, D, 5, E, 2.
  • D, 3, E.

The puzzle is now complete and you are able to charge one Primed bar.

10. Go back upstairs and go over to the control room. Insert one of your Primed bars into the slot outside the room to open the door. Now go into the room and pull the lever to close the door. Push the big red button and then go outside and take the body bar from the slot.

11. Now head downstairs and use the following code to make the tower spin and then have it go back up.

  • D, E, D, 2, 3, E.

12 Now take your second Primed bar and put it in the slot where you put in the first bar and repeat the previous method of turning it into a Body bar. Once you have the second bar head up to the first floor of the Elemental Workshop and make a body body on one of the anvils. Quest complete!

Quest completion scroll of Elemental Workshop III

Extra Info

  • The Book of Knowledge grants a total of 8500 Defence Xp and 6500 Smithing Xp.
  • Additional Body bars can be made quickly by using Step 11.

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Guide written by: Kevin
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