The Path of Glouphrie Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



Speak to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village.

Needed skills:

Recommended skills:

  • Ability to get through aggressive level 81 monsters that use ranged and melee in a multi-combat area.
  • High enough Combat level to be able to defeat three level 143 monsters in a multi-combat area with or without weapon, armor, food and prayer, with trapping if needed.

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • Crystal saw OR Small crystal seed
  • Crossbow
  • Mithril grapple

Recommended items:

  • Metal armour
  • Food
  • Prayer potions OR Super restore potions
  • Stat boosting potions
  • Ring of dueling

NOTE: You will hardly need to bank during this quest, so it's good to have all the equipment in your inventory at the start of the quest.


1. To start the quest, talk to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village.

2. Go out of the village through the railings and go down the ladder.

3. Take the western path, talk to Glorie, then return to the ladder and go east. Go through the tunnel entrance.

4. Follow these steps to finish this part:

  • Push the monolith #1 north.
  • Push the monolith #1 west.
  • Open the chest #1. You'll get 3 random crystalline discs unless already got from the other chests, in which case it will be empty.
  • Push the monolith #2 north.
  • Push the monolith #3 east.
  • Open the chest #2. You'll get A key to a chest and Yewnock's notes on crystals.
  • Open the chest #3 if you haven't opened chest #1.
  • Push the monolith #4 south.
  • Use your Small crystal seed on the Singing Bowl to obtain Crystal chimes. If you've brought a Crystal saw instead, right click and choose the "revert-crystal" option to revert it back to a seed.
  • Open the chest #4 if you haven't opened either chest #1 or chest #3.
  • Push the monolith #3 west.
  • Open the chest #5. You'll get a Strongroom key.
  • Push the monolith #5 west.
  • Go through the metal door to the device room.

5. In this room you'll have to fix the device using the discs you obtained during part 4.

Each discs represent a certain number. Here's the table of the values:

Colour Circle Triangle Square Pentagon
Red 1 3 4 5
Orange 2 6 8 10
Yellow 3 9 12 16
Green 4 12 16 20
Blue 5 15 20 25
Indigo 6 18 24 30
Violet 7 21 28 35

To get the discs you need, try putting your discs into the exchanger and keep clicking on the exchange button until it gives the one you're looking for.

For the red part, you need to put a disc to the slot #1 that has the value of the discs in slot #2 and slot #3 added together. The cyan part will be a bit more trickier. You need to put in discs in slot #1 and #2 and make their values add up to the value of the disc in slot #3.

6. Go back through the metal door, push the monolith #3 east and proceed through the exit.

7. Go back to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village. Talk to him then teleport to the Gnome Stronghold using the spirit tree. Run north to the tree and go up to the 1st floor. (2nd floor for americans)

8. Go north east, and talk to Gianne jr.

9. Use your Ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars. Cross the bridge to the south and keep walking west, past the swamp until you find a Tree with a "grapple" option.

10. Talk to Longramble.

11. Walk north, and talk to the spirit tree. You will trigger a cut-scene. Use your crystal chimes on the spirit tree.

12. Bank for food, potions and weapons if neccessary, and go back to the wasteland. Walk west then south from the spirit tree and go through the swamp entrance.

13. Turn on Protection from Ranged prayer and follow the steps below to reach the end of the dungeon:

  • Run east, go down the ladder, run north and go up the ladder.
  • Run west avoiding the tars on the floor, taking the northern path.
  • Go through the doors north-west of the room.
  • Go down the ladder, run east and go up the ladder.
  • Go north, take the eastern path, and go through the doors.
  • You'll now come to a junction room with 4 doors.
  • Go through the eastern door.

14. Kill the bosses. You can trap the the ones you're not fighting behind the pillars. Here's an example:

15. Peek through the door. You will trigger a cut-scene.

16. Talk to Hazelmere to finish the quest.

Quest completion scroll of The Path of Glouphrie

Extra info:

The crystal chimes can be used after the quest to kill the two warped slayer monsters.

You can only have either the crystal saw or crystal chimes at one time.

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