Recruitment Drive Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 1,000 Prayer, Herblore and Agility XP
  • Gaze of Saradomin
  • Temple Knight's Initiate Helm
  • A make-over mage voucher and 3,000 gp if your character was male when you started the quest


Talk to Sir Amik Varze located on the second floor of the White Kinghts' Castle in Falador.

Needed skills:

  • High enough combal level to beat a level 20 monster without any equipment or food.

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • 3,000gp if your character is male.


1. To start, talk to Sir Amik Varze, who is located on the second floor of the White Knights' Castle in Falador.

2. If your character is male, go to the make-over mage, who can be found in the house SW of Falador. Use the 3,000gp to change your character to female. Do not do this until you have spoken to Sir Amik Vase.

3. Go and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien, sitting in a bench in Falador Park. Choose the option that you are ready, and you will be taken to the training area. You will be put through 5 tests, randomly picked from 7. You will have to get 5 consecutive passes, otherwise you will have to start again from the beginning.

Below are guides to each of the seven tests.

Miss Cheevers

1. Pick up a spade from the table, and search the crates and bookshelves in the room until you have the following Items:

  • A Cupric Sulphate
  • A Gypsum
  • Knife or Bronze Wire
  • A Tin
  • A Tin Ore Powder
  • A Cupric Ore Powder
  • Two Vials of Liquid

2. Use the spade with the Bunsen Burner on the table, then use the handle you get on the door East of the room. Use Cupric Sulfate, then use a vial of liquid on it. Now pull the spade to open the first door.

3. Use Gypsum with the tin, then use a vial of liquid on it (Do NOT use the Guysum with the vial of liquid, or you will FAIL this test). Use the tin containing the mixture on the key chained to the Western wall of the room, then use the tin ore powder and cupric ore powder with the tin, then heat the tin on the Bunsen Burner. Use either a knife or a bronze wire to take the key out of the tin, then use it on the door.

Sir Leye

1. In this test, a level 20 Sir Leye, who no man can slay will appear and attack you after you have finished speaking to Sir Kuam Ferentse. To beat him, your character has to be female.

Sir Ren Itchood

1. To pass this test, you have to find a 4-character combination to the door from the clue Sir Ren Itchood gives you. The first letters of the four sentences in the clue makes up the combination.

Sir Spishyus

1. To open the door, you have take a hen, a fox and a bag of grains to the other end of the bridge safely. The hen eats the grain, and the fox eats the hen. The solution is to: 1. Take the hen and cross the bridge.
2. Go back to the other end of the bridge.
3. Take the fox and cross the bridge.
4. Take the hen and go back to the other end of the bridge.
5. Take the grain and cross the bridge.
6. Go back to the other end of the bridge.
7. Take the hen and cross the bridge.

Lady Table

1. In this test, you will be shown 11 statues, then all the 12 statues. Your task is to figure out which statue was missing from the first set of statues that you have been shown. There are two methods to do this:

  • A) There are 3 colours, gold, silver and bronze, and 4 weapon types, 2-hander, halberd, battleaxe and mace. First, find out which colour has only 3 statues. After that, memorise which weapons the colour with only 3 statues has.
  • B) Alternatively, you could take a screenshot and compare the two.

Ms Hynn Terpett

1. You will be asked different questions in this test. The questions are shown below.

Q) A father has a age of 4 times his daughter's. In 20 years, it will be 2 times her age. How old is the daughter?
A) 10

Q) Choose a number
A) Three

Q) How do you want to die if you had a choice?
A) Wolves

Q) How many of these statements are false?
A) Three

Q) There's approximatly 1,000,000 inhabitants in Runescape counting all the creatures, what number would it be if you multiplied that number by the fingers on their left hand?
A) 0

Q) There are 4 buckets. If a stone is dropped in all of them at the same time, which one will reach the bottom first?
A) 32 Degrees

Sir Tinley

1. Speak to Sir Tinley. You will have to just stand and wait in order to pass the test.

When you have passed 5 of these tests, you will complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of Recruitment Drive

Extra info:

The Gaze of Saradomin lets you switch your respawn spot between Falador and Lumbridge.

After the quest, you can buy the Temple Knight's Initiate Armour for 20,000gp per set.

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Guide originally written by: Chokelius
Special thanks: Roxas4ever56, Call Me Larry
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