Roving Elves Quest Guide

Difficulty: Master
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 2/10 Crystal bow or 2/10 Shield
  • 10k Strength experience
  • Ability to wield crystal equipment


Search the fire remains north west of Lletya.

Needed skills:

No requirements.

Fair combat levels would be helpful.

Needed quests:

Waterfall, Regicide.

Needed items:

Glarial's Pebble
Glarial's Amulet

Some food
Teleport runes to Ardougne


1) Start the quest.
Start the quest by examining the fire remains between Lletya and the Elf Camp. You now need to find the elves that made it, they will switch between two locations; they will either be in the clearing with the magic trees just southwest of Lletya, or next to the small pool of water to the east of the Tyras Camp. For this stage of the quest, the clearing with the mage trees will be more convenient travel-wise, but upon returning the location by the Tyras Camp is suggested due to the charter boats at the camp.

Kill the moss giant, pick up its seed, return to the elves.

2) Enter the tomb.
Speak with Islwyn, and choose to tell the truth. Speak with Eluned, and she'll instruct you to bring her the consecration seed. Head to Ardougne, make sure you have your Glarial's pebble (if you no longer have it, you must repeat steps from the Waterfall Quest to get it back), deposit all of your runes/weapons/armour (food and teleport jewellery is allowed in the tomb, but nothing combat related) and head to Glarial's Tomb. You're going to be up against a level 84 Moss Giant, but don't let that fool you; This monster attacks with both magic and melee, and prayer does not work in the cave. Make sure you have plenty of food (for lower levels, sharks+, for medium to high levels, monkfish will work) and enter the tomb. Take the path on the left, and attack the giant. The fight should not last more than a minute or two, with decent combat levels.

Return to the Baxtorian Falls, plant the seed, finish the quest.

3) Finish the quest.
Once the giant is killed, pick up the consecration seed it drops and head back for the elven lands. As suggested before, charter a boat to the Tyras Camp and make your way to the small pond clearing just the the east. Wait there until the elves come. Speak to Eluned, then head for the tomb from the end of the Waterfall Quest. Plant the seed in the sepulchre, and return to the elves one last time. You now have a choice of a Crystal Bow or a Crystal Shield. Please note that it is somewhat expensive to maintain these items, so choose carefully. Whichever item you choose will have only 2/10 charges. Please note that you cannot trade one item for the other, but you can buy the other item after the quest for a moderate price. See the item database listings for the item uses.

Quest completion scroll of Roving Elves

Upon conpletion of this quest, you may speak with Eluned for a free trip to Lletya. It is suggested that you start Mournings Ends part 1 while you are here; the teleport crystal that you receive gives you the option of returning at any time you wish.

Guide credits
Guide originally written by: Aeolus
Special thanks: Slim50, Rebel007
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