Shadow Of The Storm Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



Speak with Father Reen just outside Al Kharid Bank.

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1. To start this quest you need to speak with Father Reen who is outside Al Kharid’s Bank.

2. He’s looking for the adventurer that slayed the evil Delrith with Silverlight. That is, of course, you. Go through some dialogs and he’ll ask you to slay another demon with that very sword. Now if you’ve lost Silverlight since you killed Delrith you can “buy” another from Sir Prysin for 500 Gp.

Now Father Reen has asked you to head to Uzer to speak with Badden. Get your evil outfit and everything else (it will all fit) and take a carpet ride. When you arrive in Uzer speak with Father Badden.

3. He will tell you that you need to kill this new demon, but he doesn’t know how. All he suggests is that you should try and infiltrate Denath and his group.

This is where your “evil outfit” comes into play. Go downstairs into the building behind Father Badden and run down to talk to Evil Dave. Tell him you want to join his group and he’ll tell you that your sword is way too shiny to be evil. Go back to the stairs and you’ll see some black mushrooms off to the side. Pick them and use them on Silverlight. You’ll be able to get Evil Dave to let you in now.

When you’ve finished with Dave, you’ll see a cutscene leading you through the portal and introducing you to Denath.

4. He’ll eventually tell you of the incantation you need to memorize (its different for every person) and of the sigil you’ll need to make.

5. Speak with Jennifer to get the mould. You’ll need to make the sigil in Al Kharid, but before you do talk to Matthew and ask about Josef.

6. He’ll tell you about how Josef read Denath’s Tome and then ran off. Go outside and speak with the Golem. Ask him what happened and he’ll tell you Josef hid the tome in one of the kilns before being incinerated by Denath. Look for it until you find it in one of them, then head back to Al Kharid. You can either take the carpet again or use an amulet teleport. Make the sigil at the furnace and head back to Uzer.

7. Go talk to Matthew again and tell him your plans. He’ll thank you for it. Give it a few moments and Denath will announce that it is time to summon the demon, Agrith-Naar.

8. Use the demonic sigle to chant the incantation and Denath will walk into the portal. Then Matthew will realize that Denath is Agrith-Naar.

9. Some of the disciples will panic and run through the portal back through the ruins. Chase after them and collect their sigils. Tanya will be dead, as well as Eric. Talk to Evil Dave and he’ll go back. Then head outside to talk to the priests. After some convincing they’ll agree to come with.

10. Then you’ll need to get the Golem to go through the portal. In order to do this you’ll need to get downstairs and find the strange implement. Use it on the Golem and he’ll be able to help.

11. Now head back and repeat the incantation. Talk to Matthew to start the ritual again. Do the incantation as it is written in the book this time. When Agrith-Naar is summoned, he’ll kill Matthew and then fight you.

12. Have Silverlight out. Once you kill him Silverlight will be no more…it will be Darklight! Even more powerful than before! You’ll also get 10k xp in any combat skill you wish, excluding prayer.

Unequip Darklight to complete the quest. Well done! You’ve completed Shadow of the Storm!

Quest completion scroll of Shadow Of The Storm

During the fight with Agrith-Naar he will attack you with magic spells. If you use prayer against that, he will attack melee. So whichever you are confident in fighting against him with do that.

Also, you can bring literally all the items you need for the quest.

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