RSS Feeds at Global RuneScape

Global RuneScape offers 3 different RSS News Feeds:

What are RSS News Feeds?

News feeds are a way of keeping yourself updated on content that changes regularly. You can subscribe to, or follow, specific news feeds with software on your computer, such as your web browser or e-mail reader. Also, some sites allow you to build a custom home page, and you will also be able to show the latest news from the feeds on those pages.

That way, you can be told immediately when there's something new.

How can I subscribe to a news feed?

In most modern web browsers, you will see a small orange and white feed icon in your address bar. Simply click that icon and select which feed you would like to subscribe to. You can also click the RSS icon at the top right corner of the main page of Global RuneScape.

The easiest way to subscribe is to do it directly in your browser - you can select your browser as the reader, and you will then be able to see the latest content without having to load the whole page.

You can also check out the page about RSS feeds at You might even want to check out Wikipedia's article about web feeds, but remember to come back here to subscribe to our feeds! :-)

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