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Zadimus corpse
Zadimus corpseMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Zaff's instructions
Zaff's instructionsMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Zamorak armour set (l)
Zamorak armour set (l) 2.5mMetal armour
Zamorak armour set (sk)
Zamorak armour set (sk) 2.7mMetal armour
Zamorak arrows
Zamorak arrowsMembers only663 gpArrows
Zamorak bow
Zamorak bowMembers only14.5mBows and crossbows
Zamorak cape
Zamorak capeMembers onlyNot tradableMagical armour
Zamorak chaps
Zamorak chapsMembers only77.2kRanged armour
Zamorak coif
Zamorak coifMembers only91.2kRanged armour
Zamorak d'hide
Zamorak d'hideMembers only619.9kRanged armour
Zamorak full helm
Zamorak full helm 596kMetal armour
Zamorak godsword
Zamorak godswordMembers only13.6m2h melee weapons
Zamorak hilt
Zamorak hiltMembers only13.6mOther materials
Zamorak kiteshield
Zamorak kiteshield 595.6kMetal armour
Zamorak mitre
Zamorak mitreMembers only183.7kMagical armour
Zamorak platebody
Zamorak platebody 1000kMetal armour
Zamorak platelegs
Zamorak platelegs  309kMetal armour
Zamorak plateskirt
Zamorak plateskirt 434.8kMetal armour
Zamorak robe (bottom)
Zamorak robe (bottom)Members only3,799 gpMagical armour
Zamorak robe (top)
Zamorak robe (top)Members only1,962 gpMagical armour
Zamorak staff
Zamorak staffMembers onlyNot tradableStaffs
Zamorak stole
Zamorak stoleMembers only82.6kJewellery
Zamorak vambraces
Zamorak vambracesMembers only250.5kRanged armour
Zamorakian spear
Zamorakian spear 3.5m2h melee weapons
Zaryte bow
Zaryte bowMembers only85.7mBows and crossbows
Zogre bone
Zogre boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Zogre bones
Zogre bonesMembers only1,061 gpBones
Zombie bone
Zombie boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Zombie boots
Zombie boots Not tradableClothing
Zombie gloves
Zombie gloves Not tradableClothing
Zombie mask
Zombie mask Not tradableClothing
Zombie shirt
Zombie shirt Not tradableClothing
Zombie trousers
Zombie trousers Not tradableClothing
Zuriel's hood
Zuriel's hoodMembers only156.2kMagical armour
Zuriel's robe bottom
Zuriel's robe bottomMembers only515.7kMagical armour
Zuriel's robe top
Zuriel's robe topMembers only617.2kMagical armour
Zuriel's staff
Zuriel's staffMembers only803.5kStaffs
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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