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Rimmington is a small town South West of Falador and West of Port Sarim. Due to its location, bordered to the west and the south by seas at the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, it is an isolated place with few visitors. Its most popular attractions are the mines located north-east of the town, and the house portal directly north of the town, which attracts the members training their Construction levels or trading materials for their houses.

Map of Rimmington

1. Brian's archery shop

For all your archery needs.

Brian's archery supplies

Picture Item Price
Steel arrow Steel arrow 12 gp
Mithril arrow Mithril arrow 32 gp
Adamant arrow Adamant arrow 80 gp
Oak shortbow Oak shortbow 100 gp
Oak longbow Oak longbow 100 gp
Willow shortbow Willow shortbow 200 gp
Willow longbow Willow longbow 320 gp
Maple shortbow Maple shortbow 400 gp
Maple longbow Maple longbow 640 gp

2. Rommik's crafting shop

Welcome to the crafting shop of Rimmington. This shop is ran by Rommik, and it is a regular crafting shop, similar to the one found in Al Kharid.

Rommik's Crafting Supplies

Item Price   Item Price
Chisel 1 gp   Ring mould 5 gp
Necklace mould 5 gp   Amulet mould 5 gp
Needle 1 gp   Thread 1 gp
Holy mould 5 gp   Sickle mould 10 gp
Tiara mould 100 gp   Bolt mould 25 gp

3. General store

Welcome to the general store. Most tradable items can be sold here, but there are also a few basic items that are usually in stock.

Rimmington General Store

Item Price   Item Price
Pot 1 gp   Jug 1 gp
Shears 1 gp   Bucket 5 gp
Bowl 5 gp   Cake tin 13 gp
Tinderbox 1 gp   Chisel 1 gp
Hammer 1 gp   Newcomer map 1 gp
Security book 2 gp  

4. Home portal

Home, sweet home. Here, you can create and make furniture for your house! To get one just go to a "House agent" either in Seers' village, Varrock, or Falador. (pay him 1,000 gp (1k) to get one.) Rimmington is the first palce where members can make a house.

5. Mining spot

This mining spot is a great place to mine because just about no one is ever there! But keep in mind that it is far away from any bank, and unless you're a member with a house nearby and teleport for banking, or you are dropping the ore you get to get quick mining XP, then this spot is probably not very interesting. You can read more about this mining area in our Rimmington Mining site guide.

6. Vegetables

North of the town, there is a vegetable field where there are several onions and cabbages. If you ever need onions or cabbages come pick them here!

7. Well

In the center of Rimmington, there is a well where you can fill a bucket with water. If you're in need of water and you're close to Rimmington remember about the well in the center of it.

8. Hengel and Anja's house

Here, if you're lost go upstairs, then talk to Anja or Hengel and they can help you out. There is also a range to cook stuff in their house.

9. Hetty's house

The old witch Hetty lives in this house in Rimmington. This is where you start the quest Witch's Potion.
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