Port Khazard Mine

This mine is great for Iron mining. It is also a prime area for Mithril mining, if you do not have access to the Mining Guild. It is located just north of the Yanille bank and is also within a very close distance of the Port Khazard Lunar teleport. If you have completed the Hard Ardougne Achievement Diary your Watchtower teleport becomes far more useful. Instead of being teleported on the top floor of the tower, you appear in the middle of the city. Although this takes up two spaces in your inventory it is slightly faster than purely walking.

A rather unused mine as many prefer Granite mining for faster experience however, do not underestimate the speed of Iron mining. Especially as 9 out of 10 times you'll be the only one using this mine.

Another plus about this mine is the small Summoning obelisk right at the mine. Useful for recharging your Summoning points if you so wish to use a familiar that increases your speed at Mining or one that can carry more ore.

Finally, it is worth noting that there is a bank deposit box near the fishing trawler in Port Khazard. This is not a full bank, however, as you can only deposit items. It is of near equal distance from the bank in Yanille, but if you wish to fully avoid attention from other players, then the Port Khazard deposit box is a banking option for you.

Getting there:

You can reach the area with a Watchtower teleport (Must have completed the Watchtower quest, a House Teleport if you have your house in Yanille (50 Construction is needed), or by using the Port Khazard Lunar teleport. Once you are in the Mining area and have a full inventory, it is recommend banking in Yanille and then running back. The travel time is minimal.

Mine Contents:
3 Copper
7 Tin
9 Iron
4 Clay
3 Mithril (Plus 1 Mithril rock located north of the Anvil in Port Khazard.)

Map of the area:

Map of the Mining area:

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