Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes



Talk to Grish south of the Castle Wars entrance [map].

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:


  • Food, armour and potions to defeat a level 111 foe.
  • Watchtower Teleport
  • 60+ Combat level, good Ranging and Prayer level
  • Done The Grand Tree and One Small Favour quest to be able to use the Gnome Gliders to the Ogre Swamps.


Starting the quest

1. To start the quest, talk to Grish south of the Castle Wars [map]. Ask him about the Zogres. He will tell you about an underground place. He will also give you 3 Cooked Chompy Birds and 2 Super Stat Restore Potions.

2. Head to the east, and speak to the Ogre Guard standing by the barricades. Tell him about Grish, and he will let you in. Go over the barricades, and go all the way to the end and climb down the stairs to enter the dungeon.

The Dungeon

3. Go to the northwest corner of the dungeon, to a blackened area. A short cinematic sequence will appear. When it's finished, you will see a Broken Lecturn, a Skeleton and an Ogre Coffin.

4. Search the Broken Lecturn, and you will find a torn page of a Necromantic book.

5. Search the Skeleton. A zombie will appear and attack you. Kill it. Once you've killed it, search the skeleton again, and you will find a Ruined Backpack. Inside, you will find a Dragon Inn Tankard, a Knife, and rotten food.

6. Use the knife on the Ogre Coffin west of the skeleton, and then search it to find a Black Prism.

NOTE: If you fail to open it, try until you manage to open it.

Sithik Ints

7. Head to Yanille (use Watchtower teleport to get there faster), and go to the inn. Show the tankard to the bartender, and he will tell you that the tankard belongs to Brentle Vahn. He will also tell you about a wizard.

8. Go to the Wizards' Guild [map], if you can't enter it, ring the bell outside. Talk to Zavistic Rarve, and he will tell you about the dark arts. He says that Sithik Ints might have more information.

9. Sithik Ints is located in a bed in the upstairs of the house just north of the Wizards' Guild (he will not show up as a yellow dot on your mini-map). Talk to him, and ask him about the Undead Ogres. You force him to let you search the room. Search the cupboard, the closet and the drawers. You will find 3 books: Book of H.A.M, Necromancy Book and a Book of Portraiture. You will also find some papyrus and charcoal.

10. Read the three books. Then, use the papyrus with Sithik. The sketch you draw must be described as honest when examining it. If it's not honest, search the drawers for more papyrus, and sketch Sithik again.

11. Use the torn page you found earlier in the quest with the Necromancy book.

12. Head back to the inn, and show the portrait you draw to the bartender. He will tell you that it is the man last seen with Brentle Vahn. He will sign the portrait too.

13. Go to the Wizards' Guild, and speak to Zavistic Rarve and show him the portrait. Zavistic will give you a strange potion, and tells you that the effect of it won't revert until Sithik has told the truth.

14. Go back to Sithik Ints' room, and use the Strange Potion on the Cup of Tea. Then, go downstairs, and go upstairs again. You'll see that Sithik has turned into an Ogre! Sithik will also tell you everything he knows about the Undead Ogres, how to make brutal arrows used to kill the Zogres, and how to make a cure if you are infected by the zombie disease.

15. If you don't have the Snake Weed and Rogues Purse, go to Karamja (either by teleporting or by boat), and find the herbs. (see our Jungle Potion quest guide for more info).

16. Use the Rogues Purse to the Water-filled Vial, and then add the Snake Weed. You will get Relicym's Balm, which cures disease if you're infected by the zombie disease.

17. Go to Grish, where you started the quest, and he will tell you how to make a Composite Ogre Bow. He will also give you an Ogre Gate Key.

The fight

18. If you don't have the Achey Logs, go to a place with Achey Trees (see our Big Chompy Bird Hunting guide for more info), cut the trees to get some Achey Logs.

Then, use the the knife on the Achey Logs, while carrying Wolf Bones, and finally, add a bow string. To make the Brutal Arrows, cut the Achey Logs into bow shaft. Then, add feathers to the shaft to get Unflighted Shafts. Finally, add the metal nails to the Unflighted Shafts to get Brutal Arrows.

19. When you have enough arrows to defeat a level 111 enemy, take your armour, food and potions. Note that you do not need to kill the enemy with Brutal Arrows, but it's way easier. You can also bring a weapon, just incase.

20. Go to the Dungeon east of Grish, where you was in the start of the quest. Go past the two big stone doors, and go down the stairs. Go to the east, and search the stand. A level 111 Slash Bash will attack you.

Note that he drains prayer quickly and use weak ranged. You should use Protect from Melee.

21. When you've killed Slash Bash, pick up the Ogre Artifact and the bones. Head back to Grish to claim your reward.

Quest completion scroll of Zogre Flesh Eaters

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