Animal Magnetism Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 1000 Crafting experience
  • 1000 Slayer experience
  • 1000 Fletching experience
  • 2500 Woodcutting experience
  • Ava's Device (Attractor or Accumlator)
  • Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.


Speak with Ava. She can be found in the Southwestern room on the main floor of Draynor Manor. To get into her room you will need to search the bookcases, which will open and let you in.

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

Recommended items:


1. Speak with Ava to start the quest. She wants you to fix her bed for her. To do this she will want some undead chickens.

2. Use your ectophial, if you have it, to teleport near Port Phasmatys. If you don't have it, then walk. Once you are there start heading west until you come to a farm with dead cows and chickens. Go inside the house there and talk to Alice. When talking with her, tell her that you are there for a quest. She will tell you to talk to her husband.

3. Head outside and to the back where you see the dead cows. Make sure you have your amulet of ghost speak on. and talk to Alice's Husband. He will tell you to tell Alice that he still loves her. Go back inside and tell Alice what her husband has said. She will tell you to ask her husband where the family fortune is.

Head back to the Husband and ask him. He will tell you that it is in the bank. Head back to Alice and she will tell you to ask her husband what the bank pin is. He will call you a "scammer" and will not tell you the pin number.

Go back to Alice and tell her what the Husband said. You will talk with her for a bit, then you will come up with an idea to make a ghost speak amulet that will allow her Husband to talk with her. She tells you of an Old Crone that will be able to help you with the amulet.

4. The Old Crone is located to the west. Start heading west until you pass Fenkensrain's Castle. You will come to a point where the road splits in two, one road going into Canifis, and the other leading away from Canifis. Follow the road away from Canifis, and keep going northwest, off the road, and you will come to a house. The Old Crone is inside.

5. Talk to the Old Crone. You will remind her of past experiences you had with her, and she will agree to make you a special ghost speak amulet for Alice's Husband. If you have a ghost speak amulet with you, she will make it right there, if not, you will have to go get it. You should have it though, because you need it to talk with Alice's Husband.

6. Now take the new amulet back to Alice's Husband, and give it to him. He will thank you and will offer to sell you undead chickens for 10 Ecto-Tokens each. Buy two undead chickens from him.

7. Now go back to Ava in Draynor Manor, and give her the undead chickens. Her bed will be complete now. Now she will make an offer with you. She wants to help you make something that will give a never ending supply of feathers. You agree to help her and she will tell you to talk with a witch next door.

8. The witch can be found in the northwestern room on the main floor of Draynor Manor. When you talk to her, the witch will ask for 5 iron bars. Give them to her and she will give you back a "selected iron".

9. Take the selected iron and a hammer, and head to Rimmington mine, which is south of Falador. Stand in the middle of the mine and make sure you are facing north. (Your character, not the camera angle.) When facing north, use the hammer on your selected metal, and you will get a magnet.

10. Head back to Ava and give her the magnet. Now she will want you to get some "regenerating wood", which she says can be found by cutting the attacking trees outside of Draynor Manor entrance.

11. Grab your mithril (or higher) hatchet and try to cut the attacking tree down. Your hatchet will bounce off it, and you will get a message saying you should report that to Ava. Do as it says and head back to Ava.

12. Ava will tell you to go to Turael, who is the slayer master in Burthoupe. Have your holy symbol and your hatchet with you, and use your games necklace (if you have it) to teleport there. If you don't have a games necklace, go use a Falador teleport and walk.

13. Talk with Turael and he will tell you he can make a blessed hatchet that should be able to cut down the tree. Give him your hatchet and a holy symbol, and he will give you a "blessed hatchet" back.

14. Now go try to cut the tree again, you you should get some twigs. Take these to Ava. She will now give you some notes, which she asks you to translate. When you look at the notes, all the nine dots on the bottom will be green. Clicking on them will make them red. Make your notes look like the picture below, then give them back to her.

15. Give her the notes. She will ask you to use the buttons and hard leather on a new item she gives you, to make the container. Give her the container, and you have finished the quest!

Quest completion scroll of Animal Magnetism

If you have level 50 or lower range, you will get an Ava's Attractor from Ava as a reward. This will retrieve iron items from around you and place them in your inventory. If you have higher then 50 range you will get an Ava's Accumulator. The accumulator will do basically the same thing, but it will get steel items instead of iron.

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