Meeting History Quest Guide

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • A tome containing XP in 3 skills
  • More treasure hunting around RuneScape with the enchanted key


Talk to Jorral at the outpost north-west of West Ardougne

Needed quests:

Needed items:


1. Speak to Jorral and ask him if there's 'Anything else I can help you with?' He will tell you that he has come into possession of papers which talk of an enchanted key, ask to read the papers. He will give you a copy of the notes and the key, he will also offer to take all your other items to the bank, since you need to have an empty inventory (except for the notes and the key) agree to this. (Note: If you don't have enough bank space you will have to deposit the items yourself)

2. Read the notes, they talk of the keys uses and how the other "special function" only seems to work north of the river, they also mention that the key has been bound with the words 'Predem abduco'. The river mentioned is a spot north of East Ardougne, east of the river, near the north-west side of the Sheep Herder pen. Feel the key a few times to find the right place, the key will be "steaming" when your standing on the right place, then rub the key and you will be transported back in time.

3. Enter the fenced area and speak with Laura, after speaking with her you will realise you've been transported into the past, you should now return to the future by rubbing the key again and speak with Jorral.

4. After speaking with Jorral you decide that you should return to the past and find out more, you also learn that rubbing different parts of the key will transport you to different parts of time.

5. Return to 'Past - A' and speak to each of the family members about the past, Jack will just talk about his ambitions of being a powerful druid, however his active imagination may help you getting information from his older self in the future. Next enter the house and speak with Roger, he will tell you that he can't find a way to stop Baby Sarah crying, you will need to speak to Sarah in Past B for help, before entering Past B, speak with Laura, she will just tell you she's busy with her shed.

6. Deal with Jack first, rub the key again and enter Past B, speak with Jack, tell him that you want to read his mind. You will have to answer various questions about his childhood;

  • You wanted to be known as: Super Jack the Fantasmic
  • You started with: Cosmic, mind, body and fire runes
  • You got the runes from: Misalionar
  • You started learning magic when you were: Seven
  • You started to learn by: Trying to create fire
  • You hoped to: Create chocolate cakes
  • You wanted to use your new powers for: Good
  • And your favourite flavour of milk is: Strawberry

After correctly answering all the questions Jack will then ask you to look at the trees his mother planted and see why they are not growing properly. If you speak to Sarah around the back of the house, she will tell you that the trees are planted in the wrong places.

7. Return to Past A and take the spade and some pots from behind the house, you must now replant the trees in the correct places (see image below). Dig each seedling out of the patch and place it into a pot, then replant each seedling in the correct patch.

8. Return to Past B and speak with Jack, he will tell you what he knows about runes, a cutscene will play showing Guthix creating runes. He will tell you all about the history of magic.

9. Next you need to get information from Roger, to do this we need to find out what was wrong with Baby Sarah in Past A, so travel to Past B and speak with Sarah, she will take a medicine and tell you that it cures an illness she's had since a baby, now return to Past A.

10. Search the shelves and side table to find a bucket of milk, a bowl, guam and a pestle and mortar. Leave the house and use the bowl on the beehive to gather honey, now mix the honey with the bucket of milk, grind up the guam leaf then add it to the bowl of milk and honey. Now feed the medicine to Baby Sarah to cure her. Roger will then tell you of how he came to RuneScape.

11. Now travel to Past B and speak with Laura, she will tell you she wished she saw more of RuneScape when she was younger, now return to Past A and search the shelves again to find Papyrus and Charcoal, use theses together to draw a map. Hand the map of RuneScape to Laura. Now return to Past B and speak with Laura once more, she will tell you she enjoyed her life but she lost a brooch during her travels.

12. Travel to Past A and ask Laura if she has seen the brooch, she will tell she doesn't have it on her, enter the house and search her bedside table, you will find the brooch. Now go behind the house and take the spade, then return to the other side of the house and bury the brooch in the mound of soil near the shed.

13. Now return to Past B and enter the newly built shed, take a spade then dig up the brooch from the mound of soil. Lastly, speak with Laura, a cutscene will play and Laura will talk about Guthix.

14. Return to the present and report back to Jorral about all the things you've learnt of the past. Congratulations, quest complete!

Quest completion scroll of Meeting History

Extra info:

After completing the quest, speak with Historian Minas at Varrock Museum to gain 5 kudos.

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