Wanted! Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 5000 Slayer XP
  • Access to the White Knight Armoury


Sir Tiffy, Falador Park.

Needed skills:

Ability to kill a wizard with about 450 HP and two Black Knights.

Needed quests:

Needed items:

  • 1 Law rune
  • Slayer Gem
  • Molten Glass (or 10K)
  • 20 Rune Essence

Recommended items:

  • Weapon
  • Food
  • Teleport runes


1. Go to Sir Tiffy and talk to him to start the quest.

2. Talk to Sir Amik Varze and say that you want to quit your work with the Temple Knights and choose NOT to be a Squire. He will then talk about Solus and ask you to go back to Sir Tiffy (again) (now you need 1 Law, 1 Slayer Gem and Molten Glass or 10k) He will give you a CommOrb ().

3. Right-click on the CommOrb and choose Communicate. You will then talk to Savant, talk about your current assigment, and he will tell you to talk to two people: Zamorak Mage in Varrock and Lord Daqurarius, he is at the far end of the Members Dungeon where all the Black Knights are (a little longer then where you have to kill the Jailer).

4. Go to the bank and withdraw some teleportation runes now and 20 Rune Essence (Not NOTED) and teleport to Varrock and talk to the Zamorak Mage there, he won't give you so much information except that he saw Solus going to the East.

5. Go and talk to Lord Daqurarius in the far end of members dungeon, he won't say annything so now just go and kill a Black Knight (shouldn't be too hard if you are low combat level, bring some food), then he will tell you that he saw Solus going to a city named Canifis.

6. Teleport to Varrock and walk to Canifis. Once you enter Canifis, the Servant will stop you and give you a lecture on "Slow Teleporting". She will then tell you to scan in Canfis. First try looking in the bank the Bank, then the Slayer Master. If he isn't there, try looking other places where he might be, and you will then see a cutscene with him teleporting and you will get an item from the Slow Teleportation. Here is a list where he might be, depending on the item you get:

Item: Location:
White Wizard Hat Ground Floor of the tree in gnome strong hold
Greenmans ale Yannile Pub
Blue Cape Champions guild
Banana Banana plantation on karamja
Eye Patch Brimhaven, pub next to agility arena
Unholy Symbol The Scorpious shrine north of the Observatory
Castle Wars Ticket Castle Wars Arena
Frogs legs Lumbridge Caves where the giant frogs are
Goblin Mail Goblin Village
Bone Spear End of the Dogreshuun mines
Fake Beard Ali M in Al-Kharid
Bear Fur Ardougne Market
Fremennik cloak Relleka
Earmuffs Morytania tower at the Banshees
Red vine worm McGrubor's Wood
Blue Wizard Hat Wizard Tower

7. Now, get 20 Rune essence. He is at the Rune Essence min, so go get your weapon and go to nearest rune essence mine. You have to kill him; he only has 450 HP and should be easy to kill. When you have done that go back to Sir Amik Varze.

Quest completion scroll of Wanted!

Guide credits
Guide originally written by: Arne-Christian
Special thanks: Aliensvortex, EyeS
Last update: 06-May-2010 01:51 by Death
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