King's Ransom Quest Guide

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 5,000 Magic Experience
  • 33,000 Defence Experience
  • 5,000 Experience Lamp
  • Access to the Knight Waves Training Ground


Speak to Gossip outside the Sinclair Mansion

Needed skills:

Needed quests:

Needed items:

Recommended Items:

  • Ardougne and Camelot teleport runes (Quick travelling)
  • Camulet (Quick way to obtain granite)


1. Speak with Gossip outside the Sinclair Mansion and he will tell you about the disappearances of the Sinclair Family and King Arthur, Anna is a suspect as a large amount of evidence is against her. He will tell you to speak with a Sinclair Mansion guard.

2. The guard will tell you that he wants you to break into the Sinclair Mansion and look for evidence, walk around the east side of the mansion and you will find a smashed window, investigate then window then select break,

3. Enter the mansion through the window, walk into the dining room and take the Scrap Paper from the north-eastern corner, then walk upstairs and enter the middle room, take the Black Knight Helmet from the bookcase and the address form from the table.

4. Return to the guard and present him with these items, he will tell you it will take a month for procedures to take place, he will tell you to find out all you can about the Sinclair family history.

5. Leave the mansion grounds and speak to Gossip outside, ask him questions about the Sinclair family and after asking him about Anna, he will tell you she is being held in the Seers' Village courthouse.

6. Head into Seers' Village and enter the courthouse, speak with Anna and she will claim that she did not murder her father, her brother set her up. She tells you that she knows nothing of her family's whereabouts, so you tell her your leaving, she will stop you before you leave and tell you that she will confide in you in return for a favour. She asks you to help her to be given a 'not guilty' verdict and she will give you instructions to speak to the servants around the mansion, before you leave she will also give you a thread from one of her sibling's clothing.

7. The next stage is optional you can either go straight down into court or head back into the Sinclair Mansion and speak to the following servants to get some information on the case;

  • Pierre - Near the smashed window used to enter the Sinclair Mansion
  • Stanford - Wandering near the shed on the west side of the Mansion
  • Hobbes - Wandering near the main entrance to the Mansion
  • Louisa - Wandering around inside the west part of the Mansion
  • Mary - Wandering around upstairs in the Mansion
  • Donovan the Family Handyman - Wandering upstairs on the west side.

8. When you feel ready to stand in court and defend Anna, return to the Seers' Village courthouse and go down the stairs.

9. Once the small cutscene is over, the judge will tell you to question your witness, bring forward the following witnesses and ask them the following questions;

  • Butler - Ask about the dagger
  • Dog Handler - Ask about the poison
  • Maid - Ask about the night of the murder
  • Then ask any of the three about the thread.

10. The Judge will halt the trial and the jury will find Anna, not guilty. Exit the room and ask Anna for details on the secret passage to Camelot.

11. Anna will tell you of the secret passage, go around the east side of Camelot until you come to a garden, once there, search the statue and a cutscene will play. You will find out that David, Anna and Morgan Le Faye had this all planned, you will be knocked out and thrown into jail.

12. You will now arrive inside the jail, speak to Merlin and ask him every available option, to the north of the room there is a vent, reach for it and merlin will escape by climbing on a human pyramid, if you have forgotten your lockpick or telekinetic grab runes, you can use this method to leave and get them.

12. To get out, use your lockpick on the door, if you have brought telekinetic grab runes instead of a lockpick, then use a telekinetic grab on the hair clip in the guards hair. Now use either the lockpick or hair clip to open the puzzle.

13. To open the door you must match each tumbler with it's height. The puzzle is based on luck, the key on the left will help you to define whether your guesses are right. After 10 incorrect guesses the lock will reset and you must start again.

14. Enter the keep and go up twice, to the top floor. Search the table with boxes on it.

15. Select the purple box on the right and you will obtain the holy grail.

16. Teleport/Walk to Ardougne and speak with Wizard Cromperty, who is found north-west of Ardougne market, he will give you an animate rock scroll, he tells you to use it with a piece of granite to free Arthur.

If you do not have granite already, it can be mined in the southern part of the Kharidian desert. (Use camulet for quick travel)

17. Get your either your Black full helm, platebody, platelegs (can be a plateskirt if you so wish) or you can get your Elite black full helm, platebody and platelegs as well as your iron chainbody and bronze medium helmet, then make your way to the Black Knights' Fortress.

18. Enter the fortress, equip your black armour and push the wall to the north of you, descend down the ladder and you will see a statue. Free King Arthur, and a cutscene will play, he will ask to have your guard disguise and then request you meet him in Camelot.

19. Speak to King Arthur in Camelot to complete the quest.

Quest completion scroll of King's Ransom

Additional Information:

  • To gain access to the two prayers, Chivalry and Piety, you must complete the Knight Waves training ground, this is a safe area and along with access to the two prayers you will also receive 20,000 and the ability to set your respawn point to Camelot (by speaking with Merlin).

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