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M'amulet mould
M'amulet mouldMembers onlyNot tradableTools
M'speak amulet
M'speak amuletMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableJewellery
Macaw Pouch
Macaw PouchMembers only1,373 gpSummoning
MacheteMembers only154 gpMisc. weapons
MackerelMembers only263 gpCooked fish & meat
Mage's book
Mage's bookMembers only4.7mMagical armour
Magic beans
Magic beansMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Magic box
Magic boxMembers onlyN/AMiscellaneous
Magic comp bow
Magic comp bowMembers only1,257 gpBows and crossbows
Magic egg
Magic egg Not tradableDiscontinued items
Magic focus scroll
Magic focus scrollMembers only406 gpSummoning
Magic logs
Magic logsMembers only1,308 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Magic longbow
Magic longbowMembers only1,397 gpBows and crossbows
Magic longbow (u)
Magic longbow (u)Members only1,232 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Magic pyre logs
Magic pyre logsMembers onlyNot tradableFletching & Woodcutting
Magic roots
Magic rootsMembers only9,478 gpCrafting
Magic secateurs
Magic secateursMembers onlyNot tradableTools
Magic seed
Magic seedMembers only219.1kSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Magic shortbow
Magic shortbowMembers only993 gpBows and crossbows
Magic shortbow (u)
Magic shortbow (u)Members only792 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Magic staff
Magic staff 89 gpStaffs
Magic string
Magic stringMembers only11.2kMiscellaneous
Magic whistle
Magic whistleMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Magpie impling jar
Magpie impling jarMembers only23.9kTools
Magpie Pouch
Magpie PouchMembers only1,549 gpSummoning
Mahogany logs
Mahogany logsMembers only344 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Mahogany plank
Mahogany plankMembers only1,794 gpConstruction
Mahogany pyre logs
Mahogany pyre logsMembers onlyNot tradableFletching & Woodcutting
Manual (Horror from the deep)
Manual (Horror from the deep)Members onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Maple logs
Maple logs 49 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Maple longbow
Maple longbow 277 gpBows and crossbows
Maple longbow (u)
Maple longbow (u)Members only67 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Maple pyre logs
Maple pyre logsMembers onlyNot tradableFletching & Woodcutting
Maple seed
Maple seedMembers only25.6kSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Maple shortbow
Maple shortbow 239 gpBows and crossbows
Maple shortbow (u)
Maple shortbow (u)Members only45 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Marigold seed
Marigold seedMembers only25 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Marrentill seed
Marrentill seedMembers only6 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Masked earmuffs
Masked earmuffsMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. armour
Master wand
Master wandMembers only3.7mStaffs
Mastic twigs
Mastic twigsMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Mastic weaving ribbon
Mastic weaving ribbonMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Maze key
Maze keyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Meat pie
Meat pie 351 gpBaked food
Meat pizza
Meat pizza 1,171 gpBaked food
Meat tenderiser
Meat tenderiserMembers onlyQuest item24.8kMelee weapons
Medium pouch
Medium pouchMembers onlyNot tradableTools
Meerkats pouch
Meerkats pouchMembers only2,022 gpSummoning
Meeting notes
Meeting notesMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
MessageMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Military grey afro
Military grey afro 86 gpClothing
Mime boots
Mime boots Not tradableClothing
Mime gloves
Mime gloves Not tradableClothing
Mime legs
Mime legs Not tradableClothing
Mime mask
Mime mask Not tradableClothing
Mime top
Mime top Not tradableClothing
Mind helmet
Mind helmetMembers onlyQuest item1,640 gpMagical armour
Mind rune
Mind rune 5 gpRunes
Mind shield
Mind shieldMembers onlyQuest item9,260 gpMagical armour
Mind talisman
Mind talisman 139 gpTools
Mind tiara
Mind tiara 79 gpJewellery
Mining helmet
Mining helmetMembers only479 gpMisc. armour
Mint green afro
Mint green afro 87 gpClothing
MirrorMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMisc. quest items
Mirror shield
Mirror shieldMembers only5,140 gpMetal armour
Miscellaneous key
Miscellaneous keyMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Mist rune
Mist runeMembers only121 gpRunes
Mith crossbow
Mith crossbowMembers only393 gpBows and crossbows
Mithril 2h sword
Mithril 2h sword 1,402 gp2h melee weapons
Mithril armour set (l)
Mithril armour set (l) 6,206 gpMetal armour
Mithril armour set (sk)
Mithril armour set (sk) 6,185 gpMetal armour
Mithril arrow
Mithril arrow 49 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p)
Mithril arrow(p)Members only70 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p+)
Mithril arrow(p+)Members only161 gpArrows
Mithril arrow(p++)
Mithril arrow(p++)Members only1,801 gpArrows
Mithril arrowtips
Mithril arrowtipsMembers only64 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Mithril bar
Mithril bar 1,382 gpOres & bars
Mithril battleaxe
Mithril battleaxe 836 gpMelee weapons
Mithril bolts
Mithril boltsMembers only96 gpBolts
Mithril boots
Mithril bootsMembers only3,336 gpMetal armour
Mithril c'bow (u)
Mithril c'bow (u)Members only292 gpFletching & Woodcutting
Mithril chainbody
Mithril chainbody 1,011 gpMetal armour
Mithril claws
Mithril clawsMembers only145 gp2h melee weapons
Mithril dagger
Mithril dagger 97 gpMelee weapons
Mithril dart
Mithril dartMembers only73 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p)
Mithril dart(p)Members only88 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p+)
Mithril dart(p+)Members only185 gpThrown weapons
Mithril dart(p++)
Mithril dart(p++)Members only1,825 gpThrown weapons
Mithril defender
Mithril defenderMembers onlyNot tradableMelee weapons
Mithril dragon mask
Mithril dragon maskMembers only8.5mMisc. armour
Mithril full helm
Mithril full helm 695 gpMetal armour
Mithril gauntlets
Mithril gauntlets Not tradableMetal armour
Mithril halberd
Mithril halberdMembers only3,580 gp2h melee weapons
Mithril hasta
Mithril hastaMembers only373 gpMelee weapons
Mithril hasta (p)
Mithril hasta (p)Members only939 gpMelee weapons
Mithril hasta (p+)
Mithril hasta (p+)Members only1,227 gpMelee weapons
Mithril hasta (p++)
Mithril hasta (p++)Members onlyN/AMelee weapons
Mithril hatchet
Mithril hatchet 168 gpTools
Mithril javelin
Mithril javelinMembers only30 gpThrown weapons
Mithril kiteshield
Mithril kiteshield 1,160 gpMetal armour
Mithril knife
Mithril knifeMembers only155 gpThrown weapons
Mithril longsword
Mithril longsword 632 gpMelee weapons
Mithril mace
Mithril mace 216 gpMelee weapons
Mithril med helm
Mithril med helm 308 gpMetal armour
Mithril Minotaur
Mithril MinotaurMembers only3,099 gpSummoning
Mithril nails
Mithril nailsMembers only12 gpMiscellaneous
Mithril ore
Mithril ore 254 gpOres & bars
Mithril pickaxe
Mithril pickaxe 627 gpTools
Mithril platebody
Mithril platebody 2,940 gpMetal armour
Mithril platelegs
Mithril platelegs 1,399 gpMetal armour
Mithril plateskirt
Mithril plateskirt 1,399 gpMetal armour
Mithril scimitar
Mithril scimitar 477 gpMelee weapons
Mithril seeds
Mithril seedsMembers only350 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Mithril spear
Mithril spearMembers only347 gp2h melee weapons
Mithril sq shield
Mithril sq shield 779 gpMetal armour
Mithril sword
Mithril sword 359 gpMelee weapons
Mithril thrownaxe
Mithril thrownaxeMembers only103 gpThrown weapons
Mithril warhammer
Mithril warhammer 1,114 gpMelee weapons
Mogre bone
Mogre boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Mole claw
Mole clawMembers only6,609 gpMiscellaneous
Mole skin
Mole skinMembers only6,868 gpMiscellaneous
Molten glass
Molten glassMembers only617 gpMiscellaneous
Monk's robe (bottom)
Monk's robe (bottom) 174 gpClothing
Monk's robe (top)
Monk's robe (top) 587 gpClothing
Monkey bones
Monkey bones 340 gpBones
MonkfishMembers only326 gpCooked fish & meat
Moonclan armour
Moonclan armourMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan boots
Moonclan bootsMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan cape
Moonclan capeMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan gloves
Moonclan glovesMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan hat
Moonclan hatMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan helm
Moonclan helmMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonclan skirt
Moonclan skirtMembers onlyNot tradableMisc. armour
Moonlight mead(m)
Moonlight mead(m)Members only18 gpAlcoholic drinks
Mort myre fungus
Mort myre fungusMembers only1,131 gpInedible ingredients
Moss giant bone
Moss giant boneMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Moss Titan
Moss TitanMembers only3,529 gpSummoning
Mud battlestaff
Mud battlestaffMembers only419.5kStaffs
Mud pie
Mud pieMembers only1,663 gpMiscellaneous
Mud rune
Mud runeMembers only347 gpRunes
Mudskipper hat
Mudskipper hatMembers onlyNot tradableClothing
MushroomMembers only259 gpInedible ingredients
Mushroom spore
Mushroom sporeMembers only17 gpSeeds, seedlings & herbs
Music sheet
Music sheetMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableBooks & scrolls
Mysterious lamp
Mysterious lampMembers onlyQuest itemNot tradableMiscellaneous
Mystery box
Mystery box Not tradableMiscellaneous
Mystic air staff
Mystic air staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Mystic boots (blue)
Mystic boots (blue)Members only7,949 gpMagical armour
Mystic boots (red/black)
Mystic boots (red/black)Members only26.1kMagical armour
Mystic boots (white/gold)
Mystic boots (white/gold)Members only15kMagical armour
Mystic earth staff
Mystic earth staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Mystic fire staff
Mystic fire staffMembers only25.2kStaffs
Mystic gloves (blue)
Mystic gloves (blue)Members only5,868 gpMagical armour
Mystic gloves (red/black)
Mystic gloves (red/black)Members only5,839 gpMagical armour
Mystic gloves (white/gold)
Mystic gloves (white/gold)Members only51.8kMagical armour
Mystic hat (blue)
Mystic hat (blue)Members only14.9kMagical armour
Mystic hat (red/black)
Mystic hat (red/black)Members only77.8kMagical armour
Mystic hat (white/gold)
Mystic hat (white/gold)Members only9,495 gpMagical armour
Mystic lava staff
Mystic lava staffMembers only26.9kStaffs
Mystic mud staff
Mystic mud staffMembers only463.5kStaffs
Mystic robe bottom (blue)
Mystic robe bottom (blue)Members only50.5kMagical armour
Mystic robe bottom (red/black)
Mystic robe bottom (red/black)Members only49.6kMagical armour
Mystic robe bottom (white/gold)
Mystic robe bottom (white/gold)Members only50.7kMagical armour
Mystic robe top (blue)
Mystic robe top (blue)Members only77.2kMagical armour
Mystic robe top (red/black)
Mystic robe top (red/black)Members only75.8kMagical armour
Mystic robe top (white/gold)
Mystic robe top (white/gold)Members only80.7kMagical armour
Mystic steam staff
Mystic steam staffMembers only326.8kStaffs
Mystic water staff
Mystic water staffMembers only25.3kStaffs
Members only Members only Quest item Quest item

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