Rag and Bone Man Quest Guide

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points

Part One

Part Two


Speak with Odd Old Man near the River Salve and east of the limestones [map].

Needed skills:

Combat level 20 is recommended, but not needed.

Needed items:



1. Odd old man.

The first thing to do is talking to the odd old man. He will explain some things to you about bones. When he has done that, he wants you to get some bones.

2. The bones

Below is a table showing you where to get the different bones. Note that you can get them in any order.

Pic. Name How to get
Goblin skull Head to Lumbridge and kill a goblin to get his skull.
Bear Ribs Go to Varrock and head to the south-eastern mining place, and a bit south there is a bear.
Just north of the mining field, there is a giant rat. Kill it to get the Giant Rat Bone.
Unicorn Bone When you're south of Varrock, head to the east mining place and a bit south, there are some unicorns. Kill one.
Ram Skull Rams are close to the sheeps south of Varrock or in Ardougne.
Giant Rat Bone Go to Varrock sewer and kill a Giant Rat, or as explained earlier, there is a rat north of the south-eastern mine outside Varrock.
Big Frog Leg Go to the Lumbridge Caves [map] and kill a Big Frog. Note that when you're in the cave, you'll need your lantern, spiny helmet and eventually a tinderbox.
Monkey Paw Go to Karamja/Brimhaven and kill a monkey.
Giant Bat Wing Go to Camelot and head south to Keep Le Faye [map] where there are some Giant bats.

When you have these items, go to Draynor and talk to the Fortunato, the wine merchant. After some chatting he will sell you some Vinegar. You need 8 of them.

3. Polish and clean the bones

Go back to the Odd Old Man and you will see a pot-boiler. Use a Jug of Vinegar with the pot. Then, use one of the bones with the Pot of Vinegar and you will get Bone in Vinegar. Put your logs under the pot-boiler and then use the pot with bones on the pot-boiler. Use your tinderbox and fire the logs. Just wait some seconds and the bones are polished and cleaned. Keep doing it until all of your bones are polished and cleaned and hand them over to the Odd Old Man. You will then complete the quest. Congratulations!

Quest completion scroll of Rag and Bone Man

Part 2

Although the second part of this quest is not required for the skill point or the quest completion, it yeilds further rewards.


Quests: Creature of Fenkenstrain, Priest in Peril, The Grand Tree, The Lost Tribe, Zogre Flesh Eaters You must also have either started Regicide or completed The Fremennik Trials and you must have done the Mogre mini quest.

Skills: Level 40 Slayer

Items: Mirror Shield, Fishing explosives, and Ice coolers (take 6-10 to allow for failures)


Be able to fight monsters ranging up to level 88 Combat

Items: Face mask, Climbing Boots, a Pickaxe, and Teletabs (or some form of quick transport)

Quests: Desert Treasure and Horror From The Deep

The List

Just like the first part of this quest, the Odd Old Man would like some help with more bones he is unable to acquire on his own. His wish list is located on the side of his house right next to where you started the original quest. There are 27 bones on this list and as usual, they will be special and can not be buried. This list is alphabetical, it is advisable to do all the monsters in an area before moving on to the next set.

Name How to get
Baby Blue Dragon Located in Taverley Dungeon, requires Level 70 Agility or a Dusty key to enter.
Basilisk Located in Slayer Dungeon
Bat Located south of the Odd Old Man
Cave Goblin Located in Lumbridge caves
Dagannoth Located in the dungeon beneath the Lighthouse (North of Barbarian Outpost)
Desert Lizard Located South West of Uzer
Experiment Located in the Fenkenstrain Graveyard Dungeon
Fire Giant In the Smoke Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, or Waterfall Dungeon
Ghoul Located South West of Canifis
Ice Giant Located in the Ice Caves South of Port Sarim
Jackal Located South of Pollnivneach
Jogre Located in Jiggig, West of Gu'tanoth
Mogre Located at Mudskipper Point (Use Fishing Explosives)
Moss giant Located in Varrock Sewers
Ogre Located West of Yanille
Rabbit Located in Miscellania Forests
Rat Located in Varrock Sewers
Seagull Located on the docks of Port Sarim
Snake Located in Jiggig, West of Gu'tanoth
Terrorbird Located in the South West Corner of the Gnome Stronghold
Troll Located on he Death Plateau and in Trollheim
Undead Cow Located East of Canifis
Vulture Located West of the Agility Pyramid
Werewolf Located in Canifis
Wolf Located on White Wolf Mountain or West of the Chompy Bird Hunting ground
Zogre Located in Jiggig, West of Gu'tanoth
Zombie Located in Varrock Sewers

Just like the First part of the quest, you need to clean the bones and give them to the Odd Old Man


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