Slayer Equipment Guide

This is a guide written by a player with level 99 slayer and is designed to show you the best equipment to wear for whichever task you are currently assigned to do. This guide will also show you what the best armor to wear while meleeing and ranging your tasks. Keep in mind, you can tweak these armor/weapon setups as much as you'd like to match your preferences. This guide is here to allow you to learn the basic armor needed but allow enough room for you to make your own changes and still be in the best gear.


Lost City
Heroes' Quest
Monkey Madness
Horror from the Deep
Roving Elves
The Fremennik Trials
Smoking Kills
King's Ransom
Legacy of Seergaze

Recommended Bank Tab:

The useful items I have stored up are:
  • 20-50 Amulet of Glories
  • 20-200 Super Strength Potion(4)
  • 20-200 Super Attack Potion(4)
  • 20-200 Super Defense Potion(4)
  • 20-200 Anti-Fire Potion(4)
  • 20-200 Prayer Potion(4)
  • 5-50 Rings of Slaying(8)
  • 5-10 Game Necklaces(8)

Recommended Summoning Tab:

If you do not have 68/88 Summoning, although it is highly recommended, it is not needed. The use of Guthan's Armor while on a Slayer task is still helpful and still used by lower level players. It is best to keep a decent stock of pouches in your bank; I would suggest making more pouches when you get around 25 pouches left. I typically use 2 Bunyip pouches a task; they last 44 minutes each.


So you want to melee your task? Below I have listed some armor and weapon combinations that provide a good base for the task your looking to complete. I will show the picture and then list the positives and negatives of the outfit then I will list the tasks that the outfit is best for.

Setup #1

This setup offers great defense, strength and decent attack bonuses.

Tasks I would use this for:
  • Nechryael
  • Black Demons
  • Kalphites
  • Gargoyles
  • Any other task that hits hard.

Setup #2

The main difference between Setup 1 & 2 is the Rune Defender.

If you notice the defender offers a great offensive bonus to the outfit. With a +19 Slash Attack Bonus, this "2nd weapon" allows for you to hit more often with the whip.

This is the most preferred outfit for almost all of your tasks. With the Defense bonuses of Bandos armor and the addition of a healing familiar, the rune defender will make your slayer tasks a lot faster and more efficient. I would recommended this outfit for any task you don't need a special item for; IE: Dragonfire shield, mirror shield.

Setup #3 - Welfare

If you do not have the millions of GP that it task to buy Full Bandos and Dragonfire shield, this setup utilizes the free Fighters' Torso from Barbarian Assault minigame and Dragon Platelegs. Together these offer decent defense, good strength bonuses and the attack bonuses of the Rune Defender. If you are a casual slayer this setup is perfect for you!

Mage Defense Gear

This section is for meleeing a task in which the monster attacks with Magic.

Setup #1

This outfit offers impressive Defensive Bonuses against Magic Attacks. The Fire Cape is optional, it is recommended because of the Mage Defense and the Strength Bonuses; if you do not have a Fire Cape, a Skill Cape if the next best thing. The Dragonfire shield offers loads of Defense but cuts back on the Attack Bonuses.

Setup #2

This is the same outfit above except for the Rune Defender.

Tasks I would use either of these setups on:
  • Aberrant Spectres
  • Infernal Mages
  • Bloodvelds
  • Cave Horrors

Setup #3 - Welfare

As the same with the Setup #3 above, this is the "welfare" setup for mage defense. Black Hides aren't as bad as everyone thinks it is. The magic defense is only around 20 Points lower. This is the setup I use for Bloodvelds.

Dragon Slaying Gear

This is the setup for meleeing your Metal Dragon tasks. It is recommended that you use the Protect from Melee prayer while you are attack the Metal Dragon, therefore, the Proselyte Hauberk and Cuisse (Plate and Legs) are needed so that your prayer point don't drain as fast. The only addition to this outfit is that, if you have the money, you can use a Dragonfire Shield rather than the AntiDragonfire Shield.

Guide credits
Written by: Lil McGinley
Last update: 22-Jul-2010 03:44 by Kevin
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