Varrock - Introduction

Welcome to the grand city of Varrock! This great city lies in the centre of the F2P (Free to play) worlds and is one of the largest city in the realm of RuneScape. It is also the comfortable home of King Roald, master of the Kingdom of Misthalin. Now let us take a tour of this magnificent city and discover the many wonders within.


1. Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange plays the biggest part in trading items between players. Here, you can buy and sell your items with any player on any world. The Grand Exchange Clerks will also open or box any sets of items and will return your lent items.

Grand Exchange

2. Cooks' Guild

This is the Cooks' Guild, where you can enter with level 32 Cooking and a Chef's hat. You can also buy pies from Romily Weaklax here. For more information go to the Cooks' Guild guide.

Cooking Guild

3. Juliet's house

This is Juliet's house. It comes into play in the quest Romeo and Juliet. It also houses her father, a friend and a range.

Juliet's house

4. Gertrude's house

For non-members this house is nothing except a complicated house with four rooms. For members though, it is the start to the quest called Gertrude's Cat.

5. Varrock West Bank

This is the west bank of Varrock. Besides the basic options of accessing and changing your pin number, there is also one to the east. Underneath the bank, there is a chamber of gold items that can only be obtained by using telekinetic grab.

Varrock West Bank

6. Anvils

These are one group of the many anvils in Varrock. These ones are popular because of how near they are to a bank.


7. Zaff's Superior Staves

Zaff is the local supplier of staves. At very reasonable prices, no one can beat Zaff in the staff business. If you are a member he will also sell battlestaves if you talk to him. The number he sells will be dependant on your Varrock Diary level.

Zaff's Superior Staffs

8. Gypsy Aris

Meet Gypsy. One of the few old people in the world of Runescape, she is the start of the Demon Slayer quest and also plays a part in Recipe For Disaster. She might even, if you get on her good side, even tell you how old she really is. Just be prepered to count stool legs at the local bar.

Gypsy Aris

9. Thessalia's Fine Clothes

Welcome to your supplier of fine clothes in Varrock. A good place to buy pink skirt's for the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

Thessalia's Fine Clothes

10. Tanner

The Tanner will tan your all your cow, snake and dragon hides into craftable items for a small fee.


11. Apothecary

The apothecary can make you strength potions. To have him make them, you need a Limpwurt root, Deadly red spider eggs and 5gp.


12. Varrock Sword Shop

Not only is this a sword shop but it also has a upstairs with a range to cook food on.

You will also have access to Dealga's Scimitar Emporium if you have completed Monkey Madness, one of the 2 places where you can buy Dragon scimitars.

13. General Store

This is a basic store that sells general items, including Newcomer maps and Security Books.

14. Blue Moon Inn

The bar used in the Pirate's Treasure quest.

15. The Black Arm Gang Hideout

This is the Black Arm Gang headquarters.

16. Phoenix Gang Hideout

This dungeon comes into play in the quest Shield of Arrav.

17. Chaos Altar

This is a good place to recharge your Prayer points.

18. Fancy Clothes Store

A member only shop, you can get some high quality clothing here without spending too much money.

If you bring the shop owner your furs from Hunting, he will make you clothing for a fee. The most useful item would be a Spottier cape, as it reduces your weight by 4.5 kg.

19. Dimintheis

This is the NPC you need to talk to start the Family Crest quest. He is also part of the Defender of Varrock quest.

20. Rat Pits

Members with pet cats can come here for the mini-game, Rat Pits. Note: This area is only for regular cats.

21. Aubury's Rune Shop

Welcome to Aubury's Rune Shop. Aubury can also teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine if you have completed the Rune Mysteries quest.

22. Varrock East Bank

Due to the bank's close proximity to Aubury's shop, you can see a lot of Rune Essence miners using this bank. The upper level of the bank is empty except for a small vault containing some expensive-looking chest. However, there is nothing you can get here.

23. Dummy House

This house can be located just opposite from the Varrock East Bank. It contains a few dummies which low level players can train on to boost their attack level. This can be done until you reach attack level 7.

24. Lowe's Archery Emporium

Welcome to Lowe's Archery Emporium, your solution to your Ranging needs! Lowe is Varrock's resident range equipment supplier. He supplies bows and arrows at affordable prices as well as bolts and crossbows.

25. Varrock Square

In the centre of it all, is a beautifully decorated fountain where you can fill up buckets and pots to your heart's content. This is also where you will end up when you use the Varrock Teleport spell. However, if you have completed all the easy tasks in the Varrock Diary, you can chose to be teleported to the south entrance of the Grand Exchange as your teleport destination instead.

Here you can also find Romeo from the Romeo and Juliet quest, Benny who sells Varrock Heralds, and Baraek who sells fur for 20gp.

26. Horvik's Armour Shop

This is Horviks armor store. He supplies armor such as chainmail and plate body up to Mithril. You can also find a couple of anvils in his shop for public usage.

27. Varrock Museum

Upon entering you will be greeted by the curator, the friendly old chap with the monocle (NPC for the Shield of Arrav quest). There are some curious pieces on display in this museum. There is a plinth on the bottom floor, ready for a Statue of Dahmaroc to be built on it. The statue is built by adding Strange Rocks to the plinth, which are found whilst training non-combat skills.

28. Varrock Sewers

Smell something funny? Well, that's normal since we are standing at a sewer entrance after all. For an in-depth map of the sewers please see the Varrock sewers map.

29. Varrock Church

Welcome to the city's Saradomin Church where you can recharge your prayer points. It is run by Father Lawrence, an NPC you need to talk to in the Romeo and Juliet quest. There is nothing upstairs except for a grand view of some of the nearby building from the top of the church.

30. Varrock Palace

Varrock Palace Walls are one of the places that ivy has sprung up in the September 2009 update. Its popular for training the Woodcutting skill because it is very fast experience. Next to the ivy there is a Tree Farming patch.

You can find a pretty large force of guards on the courtyard guarding vigilantly. Through the double front doors, there is a Zamorak Monk locked underneath the main staircase, probably to atone for some past misdeeds.

Inside the library is the royal librarian Reldo. You need to talk to him to start the Shield of Arrav quest, as well as find out about the dwarves in the Knight's Sword quest.

On to the top floor you can find Captain Rovin, another NPC from the Demon Slayer quest. There's not much else on this floor, except for a force of guards in training.

31. Jolly Boar Inn

Ordinary beer can be purchased from the Bartender for two coins. Johnathon, a poisoned brother from the Family Crest quest can be found in this inn.

32. The Lumber Yard

The 'mewing' crates in the Lumber Yard are part of Gertrude's Cat quest. The Sawmill Operator will supply you with the basic equipment needed to start Construction. He will also turn your logs into planks, to be used in your POH.

33. Saradomin Statue

This is the entrance of the Tunnel of Chaos, used in the What Lies Below quest. It safely leads to the Chaos Runecrafting Altar without going through the Wilderness. East of the statue is the Earth Runecrafting Altar.

34. Southeastern Mine

There are a few Iron Rocks in this mine, but its mostly Copper and Tin.

35. Champions' Guild

This is a guild for those players who have 33 or more quest points. Here, you can start the Dragon Slayer Quest. For more information, see the Champions' Guild Guide.

Just ouside the guild is a farming patch for bushes. There is also a Mining spot. For more information on this Mining spot, see the Southwest Varrock Mine guide.

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